Electronic Snap Circuits

One of our favorite things about homeschooling is being able to do things that keep the attention of my 8 year old.

P’s learning style consist of hands on activities and audio.

When I was searching items that we have for his Electronic Free Moments, I came across his Electronic Snap Circuits. Now I don’t know if they actually classify as Electronic Free since technically they are electronic and require to be plugged in. However, he is not sitting in front of his Ipad or a TV when he uses them! So, that is fine with me!


These are great for children who like hands on activities. The object is to attach the snap circuits together to make sounds, lights and even spinning fans. It comes with instructions and SEVERAL different ways to connect them for different responses.

This will stay in our rotation this week. If I feel like he is really enjoying it being out I will leave it out for another week before trading it for something new.

Dallas Zoo Day

Dallas Zoo is doing their $5 penguin days during the month of January thru February. 

I decided since we were going to have one nice day this week, to take advantage of the lower price and take P to the zoo! 

We decided to ride the Dart instead of sitting in Dallas traffic! P loves the Dart because he is allowed to stand while the Dart is moving.   

I would totally ride the Dart more if it came closer to our house! I hate sitting in traffic, so riding the Dart is perfect! Plus, it drops you right off at the entrance to the Dallas Zoo! 

When we first got there P just had to save an animal! You donate $2 and get to pick a animal and then you get a bracelet. He, of course, had to save the giraffes! They are his favorite! 

Our first stop was the oh so cute penguins! 

One of his favorite areas is the giraffes! The Dallas Zoo has a great area to feed the giraffes. They will come right up to you and eat the food. You can buy food for  a few dollars. 

On our way out of the safari area we stopped by the monkeys! This little toddler monkey was so cute! He was swinging all around and playing. Then he came over and sat in the window and snacked on some fruit! 

Right now the Dallas Zoo is hosting a Lego Sculptures exhibit. They have some of the coolest ones! If your child loves Legos, the way mine does, I would check it out! They even have an area just for children to build with Legos! 

This peacock completely made out of Legos! 

Another favorite of P’s!

We then went over to the reptile building. Ya know, the snakes, crocodiles and lizards! This one is one we always check out! I have a picture of P and the big lizard like this every time we go! 

We then hopped over the the outback area! We checked out some Emu’s, kangaroos and the oh so adorable Koala bears!! 

Then we went to the one area P really wanted to go! The birds! You can go inside an enclosed area and the birds fly around. If you pay $1 you can get food on a stick and the birds fly and land right on you! P loves the birds! This one walked all over him. 

I even had a little black bird land on me and try very hard to get into the pocket of my hoodie. 

They are cute little birds! 

The birds are over in the children’s area. This area also has a playground and other animals you can pet! 

After we were done at the Dallas Zoo, we got back on the Dart and headed to Downtown Dallas. From there we walked a few blocks to Klyde Warren Park. 

Klyde Warren Park has a playground, food trucks, a book stand where you can borrow books while you’re at the park! During the warmer weather they even have fountains the children love to play in! 

After an hour at the park we walked back to the Dart and hopped back on! We had bought a day pass which was great for us to use for the day! 

If you’re in the Dallas area I would suggest taking the children to see the Lego sculpture exhibit at the Dallas Zoo! 

Electronic Free Moments

One of the biggest thing my 8 year old struggles with ( like a lot of children his age) is electronics and dividing up the time of being on them vs not being on them. He got his Ipad two Christmas’s ago for educational purposes and lets just say there is not a single educational game on it. He does use it when he needs to look up words, but that is as far as that goes for educational.

One of his favorite things to do is play Minecraft or watch Youtube Kids. Now, I know some people say Minecraft is and can be educational. I have yet to figure that one out and how to use it in homeschooling, so I don’t count it as educational… yet.

He could spend hours upon hours playing on his Ipad. I hate it. So I have come up with a way for him to spend less time on the Ipad.

Electronic Free Moments

Since we just moved into a new house I have been unpacking boxes and coming across items that are perfect for Electronic Free Moments. My plan is to set up a space for him in our homeschool/office area that include a few for each week and rotate them out.

Right now I have collected:

1. Snap Circuits
2. Board games (his favorite this week is Sequence)
3. Coloring books and Crayons
4. Sand table ( we have one that has sand that never dries out and can mold very easy!)
5. Paper and paint
6. Legos
7. Books ( right now it is Goosebumps!)
8. Paper Minecraft set ( he got this for Christmas)
9. Paper to make paper airplanes
10. Magnaformers

This is just what I have for the moment and I am sure I will be adding to my list. I will also be rotating items as I see fit and if I see that item is not being used as much.

My idea for this is for every 30 minutes he plays with a non electronic item or does a non electronic game he will be given 30 minutes to play on electronics.

Although this is not on my list, as it won’t fit in our homeschool/office area. Another Electronic Free Moment is just playing with basic toys he has. He received the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage for Christmas and has enjoyed playing with it.


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New Years Resolutions

Every year I say I am going to lose weight for my News Years Resolution. Every year it doesn’t happen. Yes, I want to lose weight, but this year I have decided NOT to make it my New Years Resolution. That way if I fail I won’t feel so bad about it. Besides, I like food too much.

The last few weeks I have been trying to decide if I should even make a New Years Resolution at all. I mean most of the time they are so far out there ( like losing this weight) that I give up and feel bad.

But, I decided that YES I do need one. Or three. Maybe five… Simple ones that I know if I actually tried I could do ( like even losing weight… If I really tried…).

So, I have been thinking about what I want to try and do for the New Year. Here is my list so far:

Finds ways to show my husband how much I appreciate him and everything he does for us- I mean he is the one who works hard and allows me to stay home and homeschool our son.

Learn to use my camera better- I have had this thing ( Nikon D3100) for 2 years and I am still learning.
Learn how to shoot more Lifestyle Photography- I have always loved taking photos of people in random moments rather than posed. I would love to learn this style more and use it more.

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Less Social Media- I love my social media like anyone else, but I would also love to spend more time interacting with humans offline rather than online.

Eat Healthier- Notice I did NOT say lose weight. At this point in time I would just like to learn how to eat healthier foods rather than processed stuff. I would love to try out the Whole 30 thing. Eat real, whole foods for 30 days and see how it helps. Just got to get the Hubs and Kid on board.
So, right now these are my New Years Resolutions. Here’s hoping I can stick to at least one of them before 2016 is over!

Holiday Recap

It seems like the holidays came really fast and are going out really slow. We had so much going on these last few months that it seems like we hardly ever had a chance to sit down and relax. Lets back up a moment…

Starting in October, my husband and I decided to “look into” buying our first home. We have been together for nearly 12 years, married for almost 10 years (wow, that’s along time..). We weren’t for sure if buying a house right now would even happen so we kept it pretty much to ourselves. My mom and his boss were the only two people we told for varies reasons.

For the last two months we have been working towards buying a home we found and loved. It is in the perfect neighborhood, in a great little town. Not too far from stores, but just far enough that we don’t have to deal with traffic. Well the week before Christmas ( like literally, the Friday before Christmas) we closed on our new and first home ever! It is the perfect house for us 3 and I plan for us to be here a long while. Since this house is brand new and our first home I will be posting as we turn this clean slate into a home just for us.

Now, Christmas… This year we made the trip to Houston to stay with my family for Christmas. When we first got to Houston, we went ahead and opened gifts from Grannyma, the Aunts and the Uncles for the kids. Then the kids decorated sugar cookies for Santa ( and by that I mean gave him a huge sugar rush.) See what I mean!


Christmas was great. Santa came, the kids loved their gifts, got to visit with Grandparents, Cousins and more Aunts and Uncles.

Next day ( Saturday) my Dad ( Big Pawpaw), his girlfriend, and my youngest sister came for breakfast at my moms to do gifts for the kids. It was great getting to visit and see everyone and the kids got way too many presents, but they loved them all!

After we opened presents and visited with them a little bit we had to head home. Weather was getting bad in our area of Dallas and we heard it would be worse the next day. So we made the decision to go ahead and drive home Saturday.

We loaded everything down in the truck and made the trip home. I am so thankful we left when we did as well. We never hit any rain, but you could see the storms around us. At one point there was a major tornado warning for the county we were driving through but the storm was ahead of us and then we exited to another highway. It was already getting dark since the sun was going down, but add storm clouds on top of that and it was just dark and eerie. Lightening lit up the sky. We drove through I30 East to get home. Prayed to just get us home and off the streets before the storm hit. We made it home, got unloaded and then the down pour of rain started. We ended up turning on the news on my husbands laptop and setting up camp in the master closet since now we were under a tornado warning as well. We never lost power but sat and watched as they had a tornado touch down in my hometown, then head straight for us. It ended up going around us and to the next town. Several homes were lost.

My hometown of Rowlett was hit pretty bad and I have several friends who lost homes or were damaged. It is just sad to see it on Facebook and the News, but Rowlett, being the amazing town it is, has had so many donations come in and everyone is willing to help each other out to rebuild Rowlett. It is just scary to know that had we left any time later, we could of been right in the path. We had just driven down the same highway it hit. We had just passed the apartments that were destroyed. I am so thankful we were able to make it home safely,

Now that it has been a few days and everything things is settling down, I am in the process of unpacking more boxes, putting up the few Christmas items ( yes we did go ahead and put up a tree since we had hubby’s family over Sunday for Christmas). I feel like now we can begin to make our home ours and relax a little.


Welcome to our blog.

This blog will be all things family and kid friendly. We will share our adventures, games we play, crafts we make, things we cook and all other interesting tidd bits.

I once was a blogger over at Living in a Monster World. It was a great little blog where I shared my crafts and daily fun with my husband and son.

Once we started homeschooling I started a new blog called Homeschooling with Monster. I had that blog a little over 2 years and just recently decided to no longer write for that blog. I needed to branch out and blog more about our daily adventures rather than just homeschooling.

I wasn’t going to blog anymore, but on December 18th my husband and I made a huge step and purchased our very first home. I decided this was a great time to document our lives as we start this new chapter together. We moved to a great little ( and yes I mean little!)town. We have a great community and a few great places to eat. We are right outside the city so it is not too far of a drive to anything we need.

With the start of the new year and the start of this new chapter for us, I am hoping this blog can be my way of sharing our journey with family and of course friends I meet along the way.

As with any other blog I have had in the past. If given the chance to review products I will do so. HOWEVER, this will NOT be a place for me to make money off of this blog. I do not want this blog to become work, I want it to be a place where I can share without feeling pressured to get a post in on time! This will be my outlet for writing, not a paycheck!

Once you find this blog I really hope you decide to stay and follow along. Please feel free to share your blog in the comments below this post so I can find yours and follow you as well. I love to support my fellow bloggers.