Holiday Recap

It seems like the holidays came really fast and are going out really slow. We had so much going on these last few months that it seems like we hardly ever had a chance to sit down and relax. Lets back up a moment…

Starting in October, my husband and I decided to “look into” buying our first home. We have been together for nearly 12 years, married for almost 10 years (wow, that’s along time..). We weren’t for sure if buying a house right now would even happen so we kept it pretty much to ourselves. My mom and his boss were the only two people we told for varies reasons.

For the last two months we have been working towards buying a home we found and loved. It is in the perfect neighborhood, in a great little town. Not too far from stores, but just far enough that we don’t have to deal with traffic. Well the week before Christmas ( like literally, the Friday before Christmas) we closed on our new and first home ever! It is the perfect house for us 3 and I plan for us to be here a long while. Since this house is brand new and our first home I will be posting as we turn this clean slate into a home just for us.

Now, Christmas… This year we made the trip to Houston to stay with my family for Christmas. When we first got to Houston, we went ahead and opened gifts from Grannyma, the Aunts and the Uncles for the kids. Then the kids decorated sugar cookies for Santa ( and by that I mean gave him a huge sugar rush.) See what I mean!


Christmas was great. Santa came, the kids loved their gifts, got to visit with Grandparents, Cousins and more Aunts and Uncles.

Next day ( Saturday) my Dad ( Big Pawpaw), his girlfriend, and my youngest sister came for breakfast at my moms to do gifts for the kids. It was great getting to visit and see everyone and the kids got way too many presents, but they loved them all!

After we opened presents and visited with them a little bit we had to head home. Weather was getting bad in our area of Dallas and we heard it would be worse the next day. So we made the decision to go ahead and drive home Saturday.

We loaded everything down in the truck and made the trip home. I am so thankful we left when we did as well. We never hit any rain, but you could see the storms around us. At one point there was a major tornado warning for the county we were driving through but the storm was ahead of us and then we exited to another highway. It was already getting dark since the sun was going down, but add storm clouds on top of that and it was just dark and eerie. Lightening lit up the sky. We drove through I30 East to get home. Prayed to just get us home and off the streets before the storm hit. We made it home, got unloaded and then the down pour of rain started. We ended up turning on the news on my husbands laptop and setting up camp in the master closet since now we were under a tornado warning as well. We never lost power but sat and watched as they had a tornado touch down in my hometown, then head straight for us. It ended up going around us and to the next town. Several homes were lost.

My hometown of Rowlett was hit pretty bad and I have several friends who lost homes or were damaged. It is just sad to see it on Facebook and the News, but Rowlett, being the amazing town it is, has had so many donations come in and everyone is willing to help each other out to rebuild Rowlett. It is just scary to know that had we left any time later, we could of been right in the path. We had just driven down the same highway it hit. We had just passed the apartments that were destroyed. I am so thankful we were able to make it home safely,

Now that it has been a few days and everything things is settling down, I am in the process of unpacking more boxes, putting up the few Christmas items ( yes we did go ahead and put up a tree since we had hubby’s family over Sunday for Christmas). I feel like now we can begin to make our home ours and relax a little.


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