Welcome to our blog.

This blog will be all things family and kid friendly. We will share our adventures, games we play, crafts we make, things we cook and all other interesting tidd bits.

I once was a blogger over at Living in a Monster World. It was a great little blog where I shared my crafts and daily fun with my husband and son.

Once we started homeschooling I started a new blog called Homeschooling with Monster. I had that blog a little over 2 years and just recently decided to no longer write for that blog. I needed to branch out and blog more about our daily adventures rather than just homeschooling.

I wasn’t going to blog anymore, but on December 18th my husband and I made a huge step and purchased our very first home. I decided this was a great time to document our lives as we start this new chapter together. We moved to a great little ( and yes I mean little!)town. We have a great community and a few great places to eat. We are right outside the city so it is not too far of a drive to anything we need.

With the start of the new year and the start of this new chapter for us, I am hoping this blog can be my way of sharing our journey with family and of course friends I meet along the way.

As with any other blog I have had in the past. If given the chance to review products I will do so. HOWEVER, this will NOT be a place for me to make money off of this blog. I do not want this blog to become work, I want it to be a place where I can share without feeling pressured to get a post in on time! This will be my outlet for writing, not a paycheck!

Once you find this blog I really hope you decide to stay and follow along. Please feel free to share your blog in the comments below this post so I can find yours and follow you as well. I love to support my fellow bloggers.


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