Electronic Free Moments

One of the biggest thing my 8 year old struggles with ( like a lot of children his age) is electronics and dividing up the time of being on them vs not being on them. He got his Ipad two Christmas’s ago for educational purposes and lets just say there is not a single educational game on it. He does use it when he needs to look up words, but that is as far as that goes for educational.

One of his favorite things to do is play Minecraft or watch Youtube Kids. Now, I know some people say Minecraft is and can be educational. I have yet to figure that one out and how to use it in homeschooling, so I don’t count it as educational… yet.

He could spend hours upon hours playing on his Ipad. I hate it. So I have come up with a way for him to spend less time on the Ipad.

Electronic Free Moments

Since we just moved into a new house I have been unpacking boxes and coming across items that are perfect for Electronic Free Moments. My plan is to set up a space for him in our homeschool/office area that include a few for each week and rotate them out.

Right now I have collected:

1. Snap Circuits
2. Board games (his favorite this week is Sequence)
3. Coloring books and Crayons
4. Sand table ( we have one that has sand that never dries out and can mold very easy!)
5. Paper and paint
6. Legos
7. Books ( right now it is Goosebumps!)
8. Paper Minecraft set ( he got this for Christmas)
9. Paper to make paper airplanes
10. Magnaformers

This is just what I have for the moment and I am sure I will be adding to my list. I will also be rotating items as I see fit and if I see that item is not being used as much.

My idea for this is for every 30 minutes he plays with a non electronic item or does a non electronic game he will be given 30 minutes to play on electronics.

Although this is not on my list, as it won’t fit in our homeschool/office area. Another Electronic Free Moment is just playing with basic toys he has. He received the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage for Christmas and has enjoyed playing with it.


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