Sweet Kitten

All P asked for for his birthday was a kitten. So on his actual birthday we took him to a shelter and let him pick one out.

This sweet little girl is just a kitten. They found her across the street from the shelter and needed some TLC. We are waiting for her to grow just a little more before we are allowed to bring her home. Until then, the shelter lets us come visit and play with her so she can get used to us.

It took a little bit, but after about 10 mins she was playing with us. She is still so small!!!


I feel like here she is asking him ” Will you be my friend?” So sweet!


He laid on the floor and she actually climbed on him!


She is just so pretty!


He loves her already!


*sorry for the crappy cell phone pics, can’t wait to get her home to use my real camera on her! 



What mom are you?!

This video from BuzzFeed Video has been trending on my Facebook all day long.

I have watched it several times and can’t stop laughing!

I mean how on point are these women! I do believe though they left out a few mom types!

Which mom are you? Or is there another mom type you relate with more?

Bucket List

Are they even still a thing?

I have had a bucket list for several years now and some things I have checked off, while others had yet to be done. I also have added more through the years.

Here is a few of my bucket list items:


I have always had a passion for writing. I have always wanted to write a book as well. A children book and maybe even a young adult book. I have even started a few and then put them away or deleted them. I feel like one day I may actually check this one off my bucket list.


I love my camera. I hate my camera. I have a love hate relationship with my camera. I want every single photo I take to turn out just like I have planned. Then when it doesn’t happen, I want to never pick up my camera again. I would love to try taking a photo everyday for a year though. Wondering though, should I start now or wait for a new year?


This is one I am currently working on. I have not had a real hair cut in 2 years+. I trim off the very ends when I feel like they are needed, but I am trying to grow it out at least to my waist. Right now it past my shoulders. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY THOUGH! I always say I want to grow my hair out and then I get tired of it and cut it short. So, I am currently staying away from all hair places. I am sticking this one out! For once!


I love the beach. I love the sand in my toes, the smell of the ocean air. I would love to sit on the beach and watch a sunrise. I also love to sleep in, so this one might be hard… but I bet it would be so worth it.


I have been saying for YEARS I want a tattoo. I can never bring myself to actually doing it. All of my siblings have them except me. At first I thought I would be too scared of the tool they use, but I think I could handle it. Then I always said I would never get anything that did not have a certain meaning, as it would be permanent, and I just don’t know if I could handle it. Then I found one ( well created it myself) that has the perfect story and would actually mean something to me. I would be willing to get this one. Now I have to convince myself to spend the money on it. Thats a whole other justification in itself!

I am hoping one day I can say I have done all these and more. Until then, I will keep growing my bucket list.

*all photos are from Pinterest


Rain, Rain…and a kitten?!

Today has been nothing but a boring, rainy day.

Woke up this morning to rain and it has lasted all day so far.

Would of been the perfect day to chill out on the couch and watch movies, but that did not happen. Instead, we did school work and watched some Law and Order SVU off and on.

Such a day.

Tomorrow though, I plan to take P to Dallas to visit his kitten. Yep, that’s right! P asked for a kitten for his birthday. So, on his actual birthday we took him to pick one out. The kitten wasn’t ready to come home yet. So, tomorrow we will go visit the kitten and find out for sure when we will be able to bring her home!

IMG_0762 1

Right now her name is Clara, but we are considering renaming her. She is just the tiniest, sweetest thing!

Now to buy all the fun kitten stuff!

Master Bedroom Dreams

When we moved in the house back in December, we moved into a clean slate.

Brand new, never used, painted or decorated.

Now, we get to do that. Sounds fun right?


Hubby and I are so different. Have different taste and style as well.

I am the one with holes in my jeans, longer shirts and hair thrown up in a pony, not cut in 2 years. While he is nice jeans, dress shirts and hair cut every 4-6 weeks. See totally different.

And, it shows in our decorating for the house as well.

I love color! I also love white. I love openness and playful spaces. I want it to be a happy space.

Hubby likes the country style, darker colors and designs that remind me of something in my grandmothers house.

So, trying to pick out anything for our master bedroom has been a drag.

So let me show you what our room currently looks like…

As you can see the master is a pretty good size. It has tons of space. The walls right now are some kind of boring tan color and the trim and doors are cream. Right now all we have in our room is our bed, dresser and a chair.

What I would love to see in our room is something along the lines of this…

I love the navy color in the bedding  from Anthropologie and even the design of the bedding. Dream catchers are just a favorite of mine. I found this one on Pinterest, but found the creator is Rachael Rice. I think the particular dream catcher would really work with the color scheme I have planned.

The wall. Isn’t it stunning! Looks hard doesn’t it? NOT AT ALL! I was on Facebook while in Houston and came across a company through a sponsored ad. The company is called Stikwood. The product is very similar to tile you would place on your floors. Instead of the floors however, you stick them to your walls! I love the look of this Reclaimed Weathered Wood White. With our white bed and dresser and the colors of the bedding, I think that wall would look amazing. To me, it also has that slightly modern with a little country, so it would be perfect for both hubby and I.

These are just a few of the important items I think would work for our master bedroom.

Now to just get started and turn this dream into a reality!

Home Again

We are back!

Where did we go?

Houston, for a few days.

As much as I love visiting family, I am thankful not to live there. I can not handle the traffic that comes with Houston!

I am much more of a back roads kind of girl.

IMG_0925 1

Instead of traveling down main highways the whole time home ( Dallas), I found a back roads kind of way for half the trip! Makes it so much more enjoyable! Yes, I did take that while driving, but as you can see… NO ONE ELSE WAS AROUND!!! Best kind of road!

Now that we are home, birthdays are over, and big holidays are over, we can start putting together some ideas for the house.

I have been trying to come up with some color ideas for rooms, wall ideas and just overall what style we want for our home. I am more modern with color, while hubby is more country style. Now we have to come up with a way to put the two together and make them work!

I have a few ideas I am working on. We will be doing one room at a time. I will be posting before and after shots because those are always fun and the best way to see how things changed!

Speaking of change… After not coloring my hair for nearly two years, I took the leap while in Houston and had my mom color my hair. Not as red as I had hoped for, but it will do for now!


(and no I was not driving at the moment this was taken!) 

Happy 9th Birthday!

My baby boy.

My one and only son.

My only child.


Tomorrow marks 108 months since you were born.

Tomorrow you are 9 years old.

How did this happen? Where has this time gone? Weren’t you just born?

I remember that day.

February 12th, 2007.

Dad and I went in early the morning of to be induced. Oh my it was early. And you know I am not a morning person. I was so excited to meet you though.

We arrived at the hospital. Dad video taped while I carried in the bags. SERIOUSLY! We laugh about this now. I don’t even think at the time we even realized that happened. I mean neither of us noticed that I carried in the bags while he taped until years later when we watched the video for the first time!

I remember getting checked into the hospital and then waiting…

We got the medicine started, walked around some to see if that would help. We even played some card games.

Nothing happened.

Around noon, my doctor came in and said she would break my water. I was all for it. I still had not felt a single contraction with you. Not a real one anyways.

She told me the only way she would break my water though is if I had an epidural. I was bummed. I had wanted to try it on my own with out the medicine. She told me she did not want me to be uncomfortable. Yeah, being young though and not knowing any better, I agreed.


Once they got it in and started I felt nothing. My legs went numb. My doctor went back to her office for the day. After work she came by again. I was still pregnant. I guess you just really wanted to stay in.

It wasn’t till later that evening when I started having major shoulder pain ( which we later learned it was from the epidural in wrong!), that we discussed a c-section. I was bummed, but being young again and not knowing I should of let my body take its time, I agreed.


Right before 9pm we were wheeled in the operating room.

I remember the doctor telling us that you were stuck and she literally had to get on the table to pull you out!

At 9:20 pm you were born. All 8lbs 10oz of you! You had a good size head too!

I remember the first time I actually held you. You seemed so little, so fragile, and so perfect!

Now, it is 9 years later. You have grown into a very great kid. You are friendly to others. You love Minecraft ( even though it drives me crazy that you spend hours on it!), you love Disney channel and Hotwheels. You are so smart and Science is your favorite subject right now. You enjoy playing with Dad when he is home and coming into our room in the morning and cuddling with me.

I do miss you being little, but I know that I get to watch you grow up and begin to experience new adventures. I look forward to sharing these new moments with you and all that has yet to come.

Just remember, You can do anything you set your mind too. You can be whatever and whoever you choose to be in life. You are special and I love you mostest!

House Project #2 (DONE!)

Slowly, but surely we will make this house our home. We were so lucky that when we bought this house it was brand new. A completely clean slate.

Now the fun part is making it come to live with our style.

Which, by the way, are complete opposites of one another.

For now we are working on projects that we can use and agree on right away.

Project #2 is our backyard.

We love that we now have a good size backyard.But, it is literally a very small porch, grass and a tree.

Since P’s birthday is Friday and we planned on having a bounce house and games outside, we decided that an outdoor fire pit would be nice. Plus, we had a few gift cards left from our house warming… thanks friends!!!

So what we really want for our backyard will be done over time. To get it started though we went ahead and bought a few things to spice up the backyard for this weekend.

Target already had a couple of fire pits in their stores. We were lucky and found the square one we were looking for! Wahoo!

We also ran to Home Depot and grabbed some new lawn chairs and a couple strands of outdoor lights!

When we got home the first thing that we did was move extra bricks that we had to the backyard. We used the bricks to go around the fire pit.

IMG_0689This took us just a little bit to figure out the right size and how many bricks to use. We ended up doing two on bottom on two sides and then three on the other sides and then as we went up switching. So we had 2,3,2,3,2 on two sides and 3,2,3,2,3 on the other two sides. We also turned the top row of bricks so that the holes were facing outwards on the sides for more air to go in and out. Doing the stacks the way we did also left for small holes for the air to vent out for the heat.


Once done with the bricks we place just the fire pit top on the bricks and the cover! DONE! So easy and simple and only cost us the amount of the fire pit which was $47!

Our plan is to slowly build a nice seating area/patio. That way we can enjoy the back yard while P plays and have a nice area just to hang out.

As we build our patio I will be sharing our steps. So stayed tuned because more projects are already in the works!

Fire Pit is from Target: Square Folding Steel Fire Pit-26 inch-Threshold (at time of this posting it is on sale from $59.99 to $47.99)

3rd times a charm?!!?


Before the holidays I planned on quitting being a blogger. I had a homeschool blog that mostly focused on…well, homeschooling. I did reviews, a few giveaways here and there and shared about our journey of homeschooling our only child.

I constantly felt like it was more of a chore than something I enjoyed. It was not going in the direction I had wanted it to go and I needed time to step back and see if blogging was something I wanted to keep doing.

I shut it down. Said goodbye to my 2nd ever blog. Yes, I had a lifestyle blog before the homeschooling one.

Then we bought our house and everything changed. I wanted to share our journey and our life. I wanted to share how we put together our home and make it ours. I also wanted to share about life in general. Our homeschooling, things we do, places we go, things we enjoy.

But, blogging is hard. I went from having followers to having none. I went from having contacts I blogged for to having none.

I am completely starting over.

It is hard. You wonder daily if anyone has seen your post. Then you look at your stats… none.. and know nope no one. But, that is ok. I know this is how it starts out. Everyone starts at the bottom and has to work themselves up. I have to find topics I feel like I want to share because I know someone else might enjoy the topic as well.

Sometimes I ask myself if it is worth it. Writing for no one. I am hoping it is not always that way. I want to meet other bloggers, I want to share thoughts and opinions, I want to listen to what others out in the blogging world think as well. The blogging world is such a large community that I know one day I will find my place again with other bloggers.

I want another…


See that beautiful baby boy there. He will be 9 years old in 9 days.


Where has time gone?

I feel like he was just a baby and now he is almost to double digits. Ugh, I don’t even want to think about double digits.

My sweet baby boy. My only baby boy.

My only  child.

I never planned for him to be an only child. Growing up I always said I wanted four children at least. I always dreamed of having a big family. My husband even said he wanted four kids. Perfect, we agreed on it.

Thing is, we don’t always get what we want. We had one. And haven’t had another since.

I have been asked ” would you even want another with this big of an age gap?”

I would. In a heartbeat.

I always imagined my children being close in age. Playing with one another, laughing with one another. Hitting and fighting the way children/siblings do.

Now looking at it, if we had another it would be so different since there is a big age gap, but I do believe it would still be wonderful.

P having a little brother or sister to look after. To help with, show the baby how to crawl and then walk. Be on the cheering side when it does something new. Give baby hugs and kisses when they are hurt. Help show them this beautiful world we live in.

People say, “maybe it’s just not meant to be.”

Maybe, but only God knows that. Only he can decide how many of his beautiful gifts we are able to give life to.

People asked, ” Are you trying still?”

Well in the last nine years we haven’t prevented it from happening. We leave it up to Him to decide. Maybe He knows we have not been ready yet. Maybe He knew something we did not know. Maybe He knows if we will be ready for another and when.

I know I don’t want to wait too much longer. I mean P is almost 9 years old. If we had a baby this year, the baby would be 9 when P is 18.

People ask, ” could you imagine starting over now?”

Yes, I really could. When P was born I worked full time. I went back to work 8 weeks after he was born. I was lucky though. Even though I went back to work, I went to work with him. I could check on him any time I needed. That is how it was for the first 2 years of his life as well.

Now I am a stay at home mom. I could imagine doing the midnight feeds again, the 2am feeds and the 4 and the 6am feeds. I could imagine cleaning up a blow out in my favorite baby outfit again and having to rush to the store because diapers are low and you just don’t want to take that chance.

Why? Because being a parent is so much more than all of that. Could I imagine starting over? Yes, because I could imagine all the love I have to give another. I can imagine all the fun moments we could have together as a family of four. I could imagine P learning to be a wonderful big brother instead of an only child. I could imagine it because it is something that I want. Something that I know will make me thankful for.

Does that mean we will get it? No. It does not. But we can hope and pray that one day, just maybe, we can add one more bundle of joy to our nest.