He Made a Friend



When we moved into our new house at the end of December, I was a little worried about my son making friends. We live in a neighborhood full of children, but I was worried because they all knew each other.

They also all go to the elementary school at the end of our street.

We homeschool.

I worried about how hard it would be for him, but I shouldn’t have worried.

There is a boy a couple years older than my P across the street that is always outside after school playing basketball. Sometimes he is alone and sometimes he has a friend with him. I could tell they were both older than P.

P has been watching them for a couple of weeks now off and on. I think he was deciding if they would ever come talk to him.

Well last night I think he got tired of waiting.

We got home from the store and P told me ” I am going to go say hi to that kid.”

I had a little moment of panic. I mean it was already somewhat dark outside.

But I let him.

After a few minutes and noticing P had not come back in, I looked outside. The boy and P were talking and playing some basketball together.

While I cooked dinner, P played outside in the front with his new friend.

Right before dinner was ready, he came back inside all excited to tell us about his new friend. P even said “when he gets out of school tomorrow we can play again.”

He made a friend. 


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