3rd times a charm?!!?


Before the holidays I planned on quitting being a blogger. I had a homeschool blog that mostly focused on…well, homeschooling. I did reviews, a few giveaways here and there and shared about our journey of homeschooling our only child.

I constantly felt like it was more of a chore than something I enjoyed. It was not going in the direction I had wanted it to go and I needed time to step back and see if blogging was something I wanted to keep doing.

I shut it down. Said goodbye to my 2nd ever blog. Yes, I had a lifestyle blog before the homeschooling one.

Then we bought our house and everything changed. I wanted to share our journey and our life. I wanted to share how we put together our home and make it ours. I also wanted to share about life in general. Our homeschooling, things we do, places we go, things we enjoy.

But, blogging is hard. I went from having followers to having none. I went from having contacts I blogged for to having none.

I am completely starting over.

It is hard. You wonder daily if anyone has seen your post. Then you look at your stats… none.. and know nope no one. But, that is ok. I know this is how it starts out. Everyone starts at the bottom and has to work themselves up. I have to find topics I feel like I want to share because I know someone else might enjoy the topic as well.

Sometimes I ask myself if it is worth it. Writing for no one. I am hoping it is not always that way. I want to meet other bloggers, I want to share thoughts and opinions, I want to listen to what others out in the blogging world think as well. The blogging world is such a large community that I know one day I will find my place again with other bloggers.


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