House Project #2 (DONE!)

Slowly, but surely we will make this house our home. We were so lucky that when we bought this house it was brand new. A completely clean slate.

Now the fun part is making it come to live with our style.

Which, by the way, are complete opposites of one another.

For now we are working on projects that we can use and agree on right away.

Project #2 is our backyard.

We love that we now have a good size backyard.But, it is literally a very small porch, grass and a tree.

Since P’s birthday is Friday and we planned on having a bounce house and games outside, we decided that an outdoor fire pit would be nice. Plus, we had a few gift cards left from our house warming… thanks friends!!!

So what we really want for our backyard will be done over time. To get it started though we went ahead and bought a few things to spice up the backyard for this weekend.

Target already had a couple of fire pits in their stores. We were lucky and found the square one we were looking for! Wahoo!

We also ran to Home Depot and grabbed some new lawn chairs and a couple strands of outdoor lights!

When we got home the first thing that we did was move extra bricks that we had to the backyard. We used the bricks to go around the fire pit.

IMG_0689This took us just a little bit to figure out the right size and how many bricks to use. We ended up doing two on bottom on two sides and then three on the other sides and then as we went up switching. So we had 2,3,2,3,2 on two sides and 3,2,3,2,3 on the other two sides. We also turned the top row of bricks so that the holes were facing outwards on the sides for more air to go in and out. Doing the stacks the way we did also left for small holes for the air to vent out for the heat.


Once done with the bricks we place just the fire pit top on the bricks and the cover! DONE! So easy and simple and only cost us the amount of the fire pit which was $47!

Our plan is to slowly build a nice seating area/patio. That way we can enjoy the back yard while P plays and have a nice area just to hang out.

As we build our patio I will be sharing our steps. So stayed tuned because more projects are already in the works!

Fire Pit is from Target: Square Folding Steel Fire Pit-26 inch-Threshold (at time of this posting it is on sale from $59.99 to $47.99)


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