Happy 9th Birthday!

My baby boy.

My one and only son.

My only child.


Tomorrow marks 108 months since you were born.

Tomorrow you are 9 years old.

How did this happen? Where has this time gone? Weren’t you just born?

I remember that day.

February 12th, 2007.

Dad and I went in early the morning of to be induced. Oh my it was early. And you know I am not a morning person. I was so excited to meet you though.

We arrived at the hospital. Dad video taped while I carried in the bags. SERIOUSLY! We laugh about this now. I don’t even think at the time we even realized that happened. I mean neither of us noticed that I carried in the bags while he taped until years later when we watched the video for the first time!

I remember getting checked into the hospital and then waiting…

We got the medicine started, walked around some to see if that would help. We even played some card games.

Nothing happened.

Around noon, my doctor came in and said she would break my water. I was all for it. I still had not felt a single contraction with you. Not a real one anyways.

She told me the only way she would break my water though is if I had an epidural. I was bummed. I had wanted to try it on my own with out the medicine. She told me she did not want me to be uncomfortable. Yeah, being young though and not knowing any better, I agreed.


Once they got it in and started I felt nothing. My legs went numb. My doctor went back to her office for the day. After work she came by again. I was still pregnant. I guess you just really wanted to stay in.

It wasn’t till later that evening when I started having major shoulder pain ( which we later learned it was from the epidural in wrong!), that we discussed a c-section. I was bummed, but being young again and not knowing I should of let my body take its time, I agreed.


Right before 9pm we were wheeled in the operating room.

I remember the doctor telling us that you were stuck and she literally had to get on the table to pull you out!

At 9:20 pm you were born. All 8lbs 10oz of you! You had a good size head too!

I remember the first time I actually held you. You seemed so little, so fragile, and so perfect!

Now, it is 9 years later. You have grown into a very great kid. You are friendly to others. You love Minecraft ( even though it drives me crazy that you spend hours on it!), you love Disney channel and Hotwheels. You are so smart and Science is your favorite subject right now. You enjoy playing with Dad when he is home and coming into our room in the morning and cuddling with me.

I do miss you being little, but I know that I get to watch you grow up and begin to experience new adventures. I look forward to sharing these new moments with you and all that has yet to come.

Just remember, You can do anything you set your mind too. You can be whatever and whoever you choose to be in life. You are special and I love you mostest!


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