Master Bedroom Dreams

When we moved in the house back in December, we moved into a clean slate.

Brand new, never used, painted or decorated.

Now, we get to do that. Sounds fun right?


Hubby and I are so different. Have different taste and style as well.

I am the one with holes in my jeans, longer shirts and hair thrown up in a pony, not cut in 2 years. While he is nice jeans, dress shirts and hair cut every 4-6 weeks. See totally different.

And, it shows in our decorating for the house as well.

I love color! I also love white. I love openness and playful spaces. I want it to be a happy space.

Hubby likes the country style, darker colors and designs that remind me of something in my grandmothers house.

So, trying to pick out anything for our master bedroom has been a drag.

So let me show you what our room currently looks like…

As you can see the master is a pretty good size. It has tons of space. The walls right now are some kind of boring tan color and the trim and doors are cream. Right now all we have in our room is our bed, dresser and a chair.

What I would love to see in our room is something along the lines of this…

I love the navy color in the bedding  from Anthropologie and even the design of the bedding. Dream catchers are just a favorite of mine. I found this one on Pinterest, but found the creator is Rachael Rice. I think the particular dream catcher would really work with the color scheme I have planned.

The wall. Isn’t it stunning! Looks hard doesn’t it? NOT AT ALL! I was on Facebook while in Houston and came across a company through a sponsored ad. The company is called Stikwood. The product is very similar to tile you would place on your floors. Instead of the floors however, you stick them to your walls! I love the look of this Reclaimed Weathered Wood White. With our white bed and dresser and the colors of the bedding, I think that wall would look amazing. To me, it also has that slightly modern with a little country, so it would be perfect for both hubby and I.

These are just a few of the important items I think would work for our master bedroom.

Now to just get started and turn this dream into a reality!


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