Bucket List

Are they even still a thing?

I have had a bucket list for several years now and some things I have checked off, while others had yet to be done. I also have added more through the years.

Here is a few of my bucket list items:


I have always had a passion for writing. I have always wanted to write a book as well. A children book and maybe even a young adult book. I have even started a few and then put them away or deleted them. I feel like one day I may actually check this one off my bucket list.


I love my camera. I hate my camera. I have a love hate relationship with my camera. I want every single photo I take to turn out just like I have planned. Then when it doesn’t happen, I want to never pick up my camera again. I would love to try taking a photo everyday for a year though. Wondering though, should I start now or wait for a new year?


This is one I am currently working on. I have not had a real hair cut in 2 years+. I trim off the very ends when I feel like they are needed, but I am trying to grow it out at least to my waist. Right now it past my shoulders. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY THOUGH! I always say I want to grow my hair out and then I get tired of it and cut it short. So, I am currently staying away from all hair places. I am sticking this one out! For once!


I love the beach. I love the sand in my toes, the smell of the ocean air. I would love to sit on the beach and watch a sunrise. I also love to sleep in, so this one might be hard… but I bet it would be so worth it.


I have been saying for YEARS I want a tattoo. I can never bring myself to actually doing it. All of my siblings have them except me. At first I thought I would be too scared of the tool they use, but I think I could handle it. Then I always said I would never get anything that did not have a certain meaning, as it would be permanent, and I just don’t know if I could handle it. Then I found one ( well created it myself) that has the perfect story and would actually mean something to me. I would be willing to get this one. Now I have to convince myself to spend the money on it. Thats a whole other justification in itself!

I am hoping one day I can say I have done all these and more. Until then, I will keep growing my bucket list.

*all photos are from Pinterest



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