Jelly Bean Activity

For Easter this year I decided to have an activity for the children to do. I search on the great and powerful Pinterest for an idea.

I came across a Jelly Bean Activity that I thought was perfect for them.


  • 2 bags of jelly beans ( 1 bag for each child)
  • 1 box of toothpicks

First, I took each bag of jelly beans and poured them into a bowl for each child. I then took out all the black jelly beans for myself.

I put each bowl of jelly beans, and a handful of toothpicks on a tray for each child.

After our egg hunt was over, I gave each child a tray and told them they could use the materials in front of them to build whatever they wanted to build.

It kept them busy for a good 30 minutes or so.

Both children really enjoyed this. I am looking for new ways to do this activity with other objects. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments below!


Our Story

March 25th, 2016 is my husband ( Christopher) and I’s 10 year wedding anniversary.

10 years of marriage, 12 years of being a couple and 13 years of knowing one another.

Some Many people did not think we would ever make it this far together. Heck, we did not even know if we would make it this far. But, we have.

March 25th not only marks our 10 year wedding anniversary, but it also mark 12 full years we have been a couple. Christopher asked me to ” go out with him” as they used to say, 12 years ago on that date. Then 2 years later we were married on Saturday, March 25th, 2006.

Our beginnings:

Well, this is a story that my husband truly enjoys telling people. We met at a scrapbooking store in Rockwall, TX. He worked there ( yep, you read that right!). Funny thing is, we really didn’t “meet” that night. He was there, we most likely said hello to one another, but we did not start talking right away. There was another guy in the shop that was his friend (Same first name too) that I ended up talking with and dating for a whole year. My Christopher now even helped the friend I was now dating pick out his tux to wear to my prom.

SO the whole year I dated my husbands friend we hated each other. Like would not be in the same room as one another, would not talk to one another, if the other was at the said friends house the other would not go there.

Well, needless to say, after a year of dating said friend and I broke up.

(My husband has a much better version of this story that he enjoys telling people to this day still. I am giving you the basics.)

For some reason one night I ended up at ex’s sister house and Christopher was there.

Again, still didn’t care for each other. BUT, he invited friends sister to church and when she said no he looked at me and ask, ” You wouldn’t want to go, would you?”

and that my friends, is where it all began.

We started meeting up together on Monday nights for a single group at Prestonwood Church called Metro. We would go every Monday night after I got off work. From there we started hanging out together on other days during the week and pretty soon, everyday.

Our first official date was the Dallas World Aquarium. That is also where we had our first kiss.

Our first official getaway was to San Antonio, TX. We also stopped in Austin, TX on the way down there.

(these are actual pictures of pictures from our scrapbook)

Christopher asked me to marry him that same year ( 2004) in December. We went with a bunch of friends to Southern Junction in Rockwall, TX. He had the DJ play God Bless the Broken Road and pulled me out into the middle of the dance floor. While everyone else cleared the floor, he asked me to marry him.


(scan of a photo from that night)

Then came our wedding on March 25th, 2006

We got married in a hotel atrium. It was just the right size for us and our family and friends. Our colors were sage and lavender. We did not have Pinterest back then, so our wedding decorations and invitations we did mostly ourselves. 😉

3 (1 of 1)Us on our wedding day 10 years ago today! Our photographer gave us all 4×6 prints of our wedding. So this is scanned in. To anyone looking for a wedding photographer and not wanting to spend a whole lot of money… SPEND IT, trust me…

4 (1 of 1)Our wedding party consist of L to R: Steven, My older sister Kari, Me, Christopher, My friend Nikki, and our Brother in Law Brad.

8 (1 of 1)Our wedding cake was amazing. It came from a place called Bakery by George. We even used him for our sons first birthday party cake. The grooms cake was made by my husbands Aunt. It was also very yummy.

2 (1 of 1)One of my favorite photos is this one. All the non married men and not a single one of them moving for the garter. I am even pretty sure the guy in the green got married in 2008. I just can not remember who grabbed the garter. You can even see my younger brother in the back ducking down. He got married last April!

Me, with both of my parents on my wedding day.

It is still hard to believe that we have been married 10 years today. A lot of people said we would never make it this far. Heck, we even had a test done that said we were not compatible together. So far, we have proved them all wrong. Sure we have our many ups and our many downs. But, we work on our stuff together. We make this work because we want it to work.


10 years of marriage, we actually made it. I want to say thank you. Thank you for all that you have given me in the last 10 years. Thank you for always loving me through our highs and our lows. Thank you for showing me that no matter what anyone else says a marriage can last through anything. Thank you for being the person you are. Thank you for working hard to provide for us and for being an awesome dad to our son. Thank you for choosing me to spend your life with. Thank you for being my husband. 

I love you mostest, 



Great Homeschool Convention

Friday, March 18th we decided to head out to Fort Worth to the Great Homeschool Convention.

I have only been to one homeschool convention since I started homeschooling and that was the very first year we homeschooled. It was time to visit another.

This was the 2nd time that the Great Homeschool Convention has come to Fort Worth. It is only about an hour drive for us so it was a perfect day trip.

I have been on the hunt for new Science and new History curriculum for P. This gave me a chance to see hands on what is out there.

When we first got there, we stopped at the CursiveLogic booth. When I had my homeschooling blog I did a review for them. I love how easy their workbooks are to follow along to. P learned very quickly how to write in cursive using their workbook.

My SIL and her daughter K went with us. I am in the process of helping her decide if homeschooling is a fit for them. Since K is a little bit younger ( 6 years old) we were able to visit several booths to help her mom look at curriculum in person to see what would work best for them as well.

We found Owlegories, which is a adorable animated gospel centered series and app for kids. They have 2 DVD’s out in the series with a 3rd on the way. They also had a special edition DVD. Each DVD has 3 episodes on the disk. These look cute and very entertaining for young ones to learn about Christ.

After leaving that booth, we found Doodles Ave. Cute coloring books with different themes. I picked up Birds ( since we are studying birds right now!), The Lone Star State Coloring book and United States Coloring Fun. I like these because it is a fun way to add to the lesson. P even used his Bird coloring book this morning during Science!


Since I was on the hunt for a Science curriculum, I looked for booths that had product I could look at and browse through. One of those being Real Science 4 Kids. I had already checked them out online, but wanted to see their product in person. I was very pleased with their workbooks and how easy it seemed to be to teach. One thing I really liked was you could use the Science curriculum for multiple ages. The Elementary ones are perfect for grades Kinder-4th. Which would be perfect for us. If I get P and my niece K to do Science together, then we will be purchasing this curriculum to use.

One of our FAVORITE booths was The Reading Corner. The lady that we spoke with was amazing! She sat on the floor with the children and did a couple of lessons with my niece. She demonstrated their curriculum and told us which level we should start with based on her interactions with my niece. She sat and talked with us for a good 30 minutes and answered any questions we had for her. Her curriculum was so well laid out, so easy to follow along and very hands on. I really wish she had this curriculum when P was smaller because it would of been perfect for him. She even has a learning center in Florida that she uses her curriculum with.


One of the last booths we checked out was The Homegrown Preschooler. Even though P is far from a preschooler, they were selling water beads and color mixing kits that he just had to have. So, I grabbed him a set of each and he has already played with the water beads several times through out the weekend!


P and K also had a blast collecting free gifts that the booths were handing out. P got quite a collection of wrist bands. 🙂


Writing Challenge #4 ( Favorite Books)

This writing challenge is brought to you by BOOKS!

I love books! I love the way I feel when I get lost in a book. How I find a book and can connect with the characters. I love the turning of the pages and reading “just one more chapter!”

Seriously, I love books!

And, I am so glad that today’s topic is: Favorite Books.

I am actually going to list out my favorite Children’s Books!

Top 5 favorite Children’s Books:

  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle- I mean it is the cutest book for children. I used to love reading this book to my class when I taught. We would read this book weekly in my class. I love the vibrant colors and the fun pictures. I love how simple the words are to read and I love how it captures the attention of children.HungryCaterpillar
  2. I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More by Karen Beaumont- I mean how cute is the title even! i love how fun this book is. As you read along you can guess the word that is coming next! Children love how fun and silly this book is! And the art work in the book is colorful and eye catching! paint
  3. What Time Is It Mr. Crocodile? by Judy Sierra- Another wonderful, fun and entertaining book for children. This book is full of exciting rhyming words. As Mr. Crocodile plans his day, you can watch the silly monkey’s ask, ” What Time Is It Mr. Crocodile?” through out the book as he goes about his day. This book will be sure to bring giggles to the children. time
  4. If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen- This book won an E.B. White Read Aloud Award. Children will love how silly and exciting this book can be. They will follow along as a young boy describes how he would build a car. A car that has retractable wings, is round and curvy? What about a car that actually smells good as it drives by? Like blueberry muffins? Can you imagine? Your children will be coming up with their own fun ideas for their own car after reading this one! car
  5. Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae & Guy Parker-Rees- We LOVE giraffes in our family so this book is a must have for us! Again, a great rhyming book. Fun colors and pictures to go along with the story. Has a great moral to the story as well! Being told he can’t dance doesn’t stop this giraffe! After learning to listen to the sounds he becomes a great dancer! Great way to teach children to never give up just because someone tells them they can’t. giraffes

Ok, so these are just my top 5 favorite children’s books! I have like a whole bunch more, but I am coming up with a special way to share them with you. I am thinking a weekly post on a certain day and showcasing a book a week?!?!

Books are so important to share with your children. It is such a great way to encourage imagination in a child.

” The World Belongs to those Who Read!” -Rick Holland-

Until I write again…

Writing Challenge #3 (My Day)

Writing challenge #3 had me making notes through out my day about what we did and when we did it. I also had to remember to take pictures through out the day of things I did. I did most of the pictures, but toward the end of the day I was a little over taking pictures on my phone.

So here goes my day,


Woke up about 8:03 am and laid in bed playing on my phone till about 9:00 am.


9:04am took a morning selfie for the heck of it.


9:15 am I decided to make some breakfast for myself. My son had already made himself a bowl of Rice Chex and grabbed a bag of Little Bites Muffins.


9: 25 am I decided I needed to work on some projects for my photography page. So, I created a banner ad for my photography site to advertise Mommy and me sessions I am doing.

I also played on social media through out the morning. P wanted to watch PBS Kids and was being good, so I let him. Plus, this gave me some me time.


11:45am P decided he was ready for lunch. He asked me to make him spaghetti. Which means boiled noodles to him.


12:02pm had lunch with this cutie. He had his noodles and I had crab salad that we bought from Kroger. It is the best!


12:45 we decided enough playing around and started on school work. I let him choose which subject he starts with and today he chose to start with Math. This room is a work in progress, so please ignore the mess.


2:40ish he is done with school work! Yep, usually takes us about 2-2 1/2 hours to do his schooling. I love the flexibility we have as homeschoolers too. We can start and finish when we want!


2:46pm I throw a load of towels in the washer! I love these Gain Flings!


3:00pm I get dressed and ready for the day. Yep, it’s true!


3:15pm rethinking my decision to run to town…


3:25pm made it safely to Target! We love this store! I literally have one about 15 minutes from us in two different directions. We live in the perfect spot!

Here is where I starting forgetting to take pictures. I got a call about a teenager my husband does church camp stuff with and he was in an accident. So, my mind got away from me.

We ended up grabbing sweet tea on our way home and made it home a little before 5pm.

I moved the towels over and started a load of darks. Then I started dishes. Hubby came home and cooked dinner. Tacos!

After dinner I started packing for our trip. Oh yeah, P and I leave Friday to head back to Houston. The twins ( my niece and nephew) birthday party! It is a short trip as we are coming home Sunday!

As I am packing I remember I have nothing to wrap their gift in. SO, at 8 something. I drive back to Target and grab some wrapping paper. I also take my time…

Making it home right before 10pm.

Now it is 11:20pm and I AM GOING TO BED!!!

Good night world!


Dear Laundry,

Out of all the chores I do on a daily basis, you are the one I hate most.

I mean, come on! You seem to be everywhere. How is that even possible when I just did a load?

I turn around and there you are.

On the couch, on a chair in our room, on the bathroom floor. Even the closet in our bathroom. You are also in the laundry hamper, in the washing machine and dryer and somehow even on the guest bed.

I feel like I am never caught up on the laundry. I do a load and there is another load. Yet, there is only 3 of us in this house.

Towels- you aren’t that bad. Simple to fold and out away.

Pants- You are pretty easy too. Fold and hand. Simple enough.

Under clothing items- I am ok with you as well. It is easy. Mine I throw in a drawer, while hubby and P’s I fold and let them put up.

Shirts- Most of you are easy. Pull out of dryer and hang up. It’s the ones that have to be hung dried that are annoying! I mean sometimes when Hubby does the laundry he doesn’t always put them on hangers right away and then I have to rewash them. SO fun.

Socks- I just despise you. I mean I put you into the dryer and you come out with a few missing. WHERE DO YOU GO?!!?!? Is there like a secret tube you get sucked into and go into a new universe?

Well, I hear the timer going off. Which means, towels need to be taken out and folded and darks need to be moved over and another load needs to be put on. Just so we can start the cycle all over again.. literally.

Writing Challenge #2 ( 15 facts about yourself)

Hello Monday,

It is a gray day here in Texas. So, I thought I would get on with writing challenge #2.

Today’s topic: 15 Facts about Yourself.

  1. I was born and raised in Texas.
  2. I have lived in Madisonville, Houston, South Arlington, North Arlington, Rowlett, Plano, Royse City, Garland and Lavon. Yes, all in Texas!
  3. When I was 14 years old, I would literally spend the summer at Six Flags Over Texas everyday. My friends and I would watch one of their shows ( Hot Rocking Country) ALL DAY LONG! I am pretty sure we could of perform that show ourselves!
  4. In 8th grade I tried out for my middle school basketball team. On the 2nd day of tryouts my coach came to me at lunch and told me that because I was repeating 8th grade ( completely different school and different district, was passing all my classes) I was no longer allowed to try out for the basketball team. ( She later came to me and apologized and said she was wrong, but I never tried out for another sport).
  5. In 9th grade I did JV Drill Team. Only “sport” I really ever did and only because I didn’t have to “try out.” I loved it. I loved learning new dance routines and the fun my friends and I had. (Sharing our team picture. I blurred everyone else out for privacy!)drillteam2
  6. Looking back at it now, I have no idea how I graduated. Isn’t that a bad thing to say! I hated school. Like with a passion. Math was my worst subject. Sometimes can still be. I never understood all the adding letters and numbers together. Also, taking a foreign language was so “stupid” to me when I was in school. True story: I had a Spanish teacher who when giving test ( you know those fun scantron ones) would wait about 10 minutes for me to “try” and then come over and hand me the answer key. Looking back I am like “Oh my goodness, she could of been fired.” I could also still be taking Spanish class. I never studied for test. Well, maybe my Senior year I did, but it was only for English class and it was only because my “boyfriend” at the time wanted to study and that just meant time with him. I still graduated though. Class of “03! Looking back, I think if I had the options to learn things that interested me, I would of done a whole lot better. I am so glad to be able to give my son that option! (blurred out my siblings)graduation2
  7. Speaking of siblings, I have 3. I have an older sister, a younger ( yet, much taller) brother, and a younger sister. siblings2
  8. I hate wearing makeup. I do not wear makeup unless we are going somewhere I feel like it is needed. Or a date with the hubs. He does ask me to wear it sometimes, but most of the time I try not to. I hate the way it feels on my face.  ( Photo taken: January 2016)me2
  9. I do however, color my hair. I started coloring my hair right before I graduated high school. I used to be blonde. Growing up I had blonde hair. I started dyeing it dark and haven’t gone back. The above photo actually shows my natural color on top and what I had it dyed. That was 2 years of not coloring my hair. Just recently, I colored it again for the 1st time in 2 years. Back to a reddish color. kelli2
  10. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. You will hardly ever find me in a dress. I don’t mind them, I just won’t buy them. I also love me some sweat pants and a tank top. During the summer you can find me in comfy shorts and either a t-shirt or tank top. I like to be comfortable. I am not looking to be some kind of trend setter or follower.
  11. I am an Introvert. I get very nervous when I have to go to a social event and meet new people. I am not good at introducing myself and making conversation. However, if someone was to come up to me and start a conversation I would be more than happy to participate and get to know that person. If we are in a large group of people and I am sitting quietly, I am listening and taking everything in. I am just trying to decide if we can be friends or not. 😉 You can order this awesome and oh so true shirt: HEREdontmakemesocialize_1024x1024
  12. I hate coloring. There I said it. All these new adult coloring books I see around the stores and online stress me out! I mean, I do not have the patience for coloring books. Worrying about coloring in the lines is not for me. I mean I was the kid who colored the sky green and the grass blue with a pink and purple frog just to be different when made to color as a kid.
  13. I used to want to be a teacher. I mean, technically, for a few years I was. I taught 3’s and Pre-K. I loved my 3’s. Such a fun age. Full of questions and wanting to learn. My Pre-K kids were just as amazing. I do, sometimes, miss working in a classroom, but I love the fact that I am able to stay home and teach my own child and watch him learn and grow everyday. It is truly a blessing to be apart of his education.
  14. I have really bad anxiety in the car. I was in a car wreck one summer and have had issues ever since. I remember being turned around in our seats ( back before seat belts were truly enforced!) in the back seat watching the parachute ride at Six Flags going up and down. The driver was on the phone with my mom trying to get directions to where we were going. I remember turning around and being thrown forward. A truck hit us from behind and threw us into another car. Thankfully I just had minor scratches, but since my mom was on the phone with the driver at the time she knew where we were. I remember being in the grass and hearing her shout my name. The driver had to be taken away in an ambulance and myself and the other kids rode with my mom. I still have issues because of that wreck in the car. It may not have to do with the person I am riding with either and their driving. It could just be the cars around us. I notice cars more it seems like. I pay attention to how close that car is following behind us if I need to put on the brakes.  It drives my husband crazy when I flinch or catch my breath, but he may not see the car that just cut over 3 lanes behind us and almost hit the car it cut off.
  15. I am going to be a party downer and say it, ” I do not believe in love at first sight, or soul mates.” Sorry. I just don’t. My husband and I hated each other for the 1st year we knew each other. Yep, a whole year! More on our story though later this month. 😉

This writing challenge was actually harder than I thought it would be. I tried to come up with things that were different than the foods I like or places I have been. But, there ya go.

Writing Challenge: #1 (5 things that make me happy)

I have decided I need to be more proactive on my writing. I struggle with topics to blog about that others have not already blogged about.

So, I thought if I joined in on a writing challenge, maybe some new topics would come to me!

Challenge #1: What are 5 things that make you happy? (ya know, other than the ones you love.)

  1. Art-I enjoy being creative. Painting, Scrapbooking, creating collages, calendar coloring ( only coloring I like). When I taught young children, Art time was my favorite time of the day. Yes, it is messy sometimes, but it can such a great way to express yourself.
  2. Photography- I know this could most likely go up there with Art, but I feel like Photography is its own thing. I enjoy it. It makes me happy. As much as it makes me happy to take photos for other people and capture their moments for them, Nature Photography is my happy place. P2
  3. Back Country Roads- I hate traffic more than… well, a lot. If I can get where I am going down a back country road, I would much rather go that way and I will be happy. I love the scenery, the openness and the peacefulness of it all. IMG_0925 1
  4. Books-Books make me happy. I love the smell of books, the feel of them when you’re holding them and turning the pages. It makes me very happy to find a good book and get lost in it. Books are my happy place.
  5. Clouds- I have a slight obsession with clouds. The ones that are big and white and super fluffy looking. The ones that look like you can hop on and float away with… Yeah, those.10655371_10153707130935864_9021457434409483830_o

So, there are my 5 things that make me happy. Of course, there are more, but those are my top 5!

Dear Neighborhood Boys,

When we first moved into our new neighborhood back in December 2015, one of the first things my son asked me was ” Can I make friends?” Of course, I told him he could make friends and hopefully there would be some kids on our street.

We moved in and noticed you and your friends playing outside a few days each week. He watched y’all. He watched you sometimes play basketball outside by yourself. He had to work himself up to come over and ask you if he could play. There were days where he stood outside playing with his own ball just waiting for an invite.

I think he got tired of waiting because one day he decided he wanted to come introduce himself to you. And you were nice.

You talked to him.

You let him play ball with you.

You even asked him to join your “clash of clans” group.

I was so excited that my son walked over to you all on his own.

The first issue only came a few days later.

My son had joined your “clash of clans” game and in the area for chatting noticed some not so nice words for 11 year olds. Thankfully, my son brought it directly to my attention. We discussed it together and I explain how maybe this wasn’t an online group he needed to be apart of. He understood and deleted himself from your group. I told him he could still play outside with you boys, but I knew then to keep an eye on things. I was so thankful also that my 8 year old ( at the time) knew better than to hide it from me and continue playing the game. He knew it could cost him the game, but he also knew those words were not something he was allowed to say or read. Proud mommy moment.

The next few weeks have gone by without incident. He mostly played with only one of you. A few times with the two of you. He took his own ball outside that he bought himself with his birthday money.

He never tried to impose. He just wanted friends.

Then today, we watched y’all outside while we did some late school work. Yeah, we took the morning off to run errands. We noticed you three boys playing basketball. He asked me if he could go outside and play. Of course, I let him.

Today though, I opened a window and listened. I sat in our front room and watched.

The first thing you did was take his ball away. Why?

I saw the other two boys laugh about it. But I watched. I kept my cool.

He honestly thought you were playing with him. I could see it though. You were being mean and you thought it was funny. You all did.

Yes, all 3 of you boys are older and taller. My child does not see an issue with either one. He has friends of all ages and knows how to treat them.

Then you laugh at him for not trying the right way to get the ball from you. SORRY MY KID HAS NEVER PLAYED REAL BASKETBALL! He is not a competitive person. Nor, do we force sports on him.

I watch though. My kid is laughing. He still thinks you’re playing. Then you give the ball to the curly headed boy. Curly headed boy now you think it is ok to take his ball and tease him. Telling him to get the ball and then laughing when he doesn’t get it. I see what you’re doing.

At this moment, I am trying my best to stay out of it. I want him to make friends. Not really with y’all, but I am allowing him to figure things out. I have to let him spread his wings at some point.

But then, I hear the words.

” Make him fall!” from your mouth. EXCUSE ME?!?!?

I decide at this point that I am going to step in. You 3 had no idea I was watching and listening to what was going on.

Telling P to come inside and that he would not be playing with children like you boys made me mad and upset all in one.

Mad because he is 9 years old. He did nothing wrong. You 3 did!

Yes, you 3 are older.

Yes, you 3 play basketball.

Yes, you 3 are great little buddies.

But, instead of simple saying you don’t want to hang out with a 9 year old, or letting my 9 year old know that you would like for him not to hang out with the older kids, you bully him.

Sad now that my 9 year old was looking for friends and now can not play outside with you 3 boys. Sad that I had to sit my 9 year old down and explain that you 3 boys were not being nice and playing, no you were being bullies. Sad, that I had to tell my 9 year old that while he sits and watches from a window those aren’t the type of boys we want him to associate with. It is sad that it hasn’t even been 3 months and it has already come to staying away from the bullies on our street.

My son is the most sweetest kid ever. He will make friends with kids of any ages. He tries to be nice to everyone and keep everyone involved. Because we are homeschoolers we have friends in all ranges. And you know what? It doesn’t bother my son one bit. He just likes having friends. People to talk to and hang out with.

It is sad that you 3 boys can’t see that. Can’t see the type of kid he is. Your loss, not his, that is for sure!



March Came in Like a Lion

It’s March.

Wait, When did that happen?

Gosh, we have been so busy and time seems like it just flashes by. Even with that extra 24 hours we got this year!

This week we went and visited our sweet kitten again. They are waiting for her to gain just a few more ounces till we can bring her home! We got her some new toys this weekend, so while when we went to visit we took one with us to see if she would like it. She LOVED it!

She played and climbed on P. She actually let him hold her and she is getting more used to us. After she was wore out from playing she cuddled up on a blanket for a little bit and then she let me hold her while she fell asleep.

Homeschooling has been going pretty good. We are down to our last couple of months. We should be done with “3rd grade” by the end of April. Although, I am not even sure to call it 3rd grade when he does several different grade levels of subjects. He is almost done with 4th grade Math and 3rd grade Language Arts. Every other subject is spread out.

For Science, we decided to take the month of March and learn about Birds. Just have to make sure I have enough to do for the whole month!

Tomorrow, we have a very fun and messy project coming up that I will share with you when we are done! It is a great and fun project for kids of most ages ( young ones too as long as they don’t put things in their mouth!).