March Came in Like a Lion

It’s March.

Wait, When did that happen?

Gosh, we have been so busy and time seems like it just flashes by. Even with that extra 24 hours we got this year!

This week we went and visited our sweet kitten again. They are waiting for her to gain just a few more ounces till we can bring her home! We got her some new toys this weekend, so while when we went to visit we took one with us to see if she would like it. She LOVED it!

She played and climbed on P. She actually let him hold her and she is getting more used to us. After she was wore out from playing she cuddled up on a blanket for a little bit and then she let me hold her while she fell asleep.

Homeschooling has been going pretty good. We are down to our last couple of months. We should be done with “3rd grade” by the end of April. Although, I am not even sure to call it 3rd grade when he does several different grade levels of subjects. He is almost done with 4th grade Math and 3rd grade Language Arts. Every other subject is spread out.

For Science, we decided to take the month of March and learn about Birds. Just have to make sure I have enough to do for the whole month!

Tomorrow, we have a very fun and messy project coming up that I will share with you when we are done! It is a great and fun project for kids of most ages ( young ones too as long as they don’t put things in their mouth!).


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