Writing Challenge: #1 (5 things that make me happy)

I have decided I need to be more proactive on my writing. I struggle with topics to blog about that others have not already blogged about.

So, I thought if I joined in on a writing challenge, maybe some new topics would come to me!

Challenge #1: What are 5 things that make you happy? (ya know, other than the ones you love.)

  1. Art-I enjoy being creative. Painting, Scrapbooking, creating collages, calendar coloring ( only coloring I like). When I taught young children, Art time was my favorite time of the day. Yes, it is messy sometimes, but it can such a great way to express yourself.
  2. Photography- I know this could most likely go up there with Art, but I feel like Photography is its own thing. I enjoy it. It makes me happy. As much as it makes me happy to take photos for other people and capture their moments for them, Nature Photography is my happy place. P2
  3. Back Country Roads- I hate traffic more than… well, a lot. If I can get where I am going down a back country road, I would much rather go that way and I will be happy. I love the scenery, the openness and the peacefulness of it all. IMG_0925 1
  4. Books-Books make me happy. I love the smell of books, the feel of them when you’re holding them and turning the pages. It makes me very happy to find a good book and get lost in it. Books are my happy place.
  5. Clouds- I have a slight obsession with clouds. The ones that are big and white and super fluffy looking. The ones that look like you can hop on and float away with… Yeah, those.10655371_10153707130935864_9021457434409483830_o

So, there are my 5 things that make me happy. Of course, there are more, but those are my top 5!


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