Dear Laundry,

Out of all the chores I do on a daily basis, you are the one I hate most.

I mean, come on! You seem to be everywhere. How is that even possible when I just did a load?

I turn around and there you are.

On the couch, on a chair in our room, on the bathroom floor. Even the closet in our bathroom. You are also in the laundry hamper, in the washing machine and dryer and somehow even on the guest bed.

I feel like I am never caught up on the laundry. I do a load and there is another load. Yet, there is only 3 of us in this house.

Towels- you aren’t that bad. Simple to fold and out away.

Pants- You are pretty easy too. Fold and hand. Simple enough.

Under clothing items- I am ok with you as well. It is easy. Mine I throw in a drawer, while hubby and P’s I fold and let them put up.

Shirts- Most of you are easy. Pull out of dryer and hang up. It’s the ones that have to be hung dried that are annoying! I mean sometimes when Hubby does the laundry he doesn’t always put them on hangers right away and then I have to rewash them. SO fun.

Socks- I just despise you. I mean I put you into the dryer and you come out with a few missing. WHERE DO YOU GO?!!?!? Is there like a secret tube you get sucked into and go into a new universe?

Well, I hear the timer going off. Which means, towels need to be taken out and folded and darks need to be moved over and another load needs to be put on. Just so we can start the cycle all over again.. literally.


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