Writing Challenge #3 (My Day)

Writing challenge #3 had me making notes through out my day about what we did and when we did it. I also had to remember to take pictures through out the day of things I did. I did most of the pictures, but toward the end of the day I was a little over taking pictures on my phone.

So here goes my day,


Woke up about 8:03 am and laid in bed playing on my phone till about 9:00 am.


9:04am took a morning selfie for the heck of it.


9:15 am I decided to make some breakfast for myself. My son had already made himself a bowl of Rice Chex and grabbed a bag of Little Bites Muffins.


9: 25 am I decided I needed to work on some projects for my photography page. So, I created a banner ad for my photography site to advertise Mommy and me sessions I am doing.

I also played on social media through out the morning. P wanted to watch PBS Kids and was being good, so I let him. Plus, this gave me some me time.


11:45am P decided he was ready for lunch. He asked me to make him spaghetti. Which means boiled noodles to him.


12:02pm had lunch with this cutie. He had his noodles and I had crab salad that we bought from Kroger. It is the best!


12:45 we decided enough playing around and started on school work. I let him choose which subject he starts with and today he chose to start with Math. This room is a work in progress, so please ignore the mess.


2:40ish he is done with school work! Yep, usually takes us about 2-2 1/2 hours to do his schooling. I love the flexibility we have as homeschoolers too. We can start and finish when we want!


2:46pm I throw a load of towels in the washer! I love these Gain Flings!


3:00pm I get dressed and ready for the day. Yep, it’s true!


3:15pm rethinking my decision to run to town…


3:25pm made it safely to Target! We love this store! I literally have one about 15 minutes from us in two different directions. We live in the perfect spot!

Here is where I starting forgetting to take pictures. I got a call about a teenager my husband does church camp stuff with and he was in an accident. So, my mind got away from me.

We ended up grabbing sweet tea on our way home and made it home a little before 5pm.

I moved the towels over and started a load of darks. Then I started dishes. Hubby came home and cooked dinner. Tacos!

After dinner I started packing for our trip. Oh yeah, P and I leave Friday to head back to Houston. The twins ( my niece and nephew) birthday party! It is a short trip as we are coming home Sunday!

As I am packing I remember I have nothing to wrap their gift in. SO, at 8 something. I drive back to Target and grab some wrapping paper. I also take my time…

Making it home right before 10pm.

Now it is 11:20pm and I AM GOING TO BED!!!

Good night world!



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