Great Homeschool Convention

Friday, March 18th we decided to head out to Fort Worth to the Great Homeschool Convention.

I have only been to one homeschool convention since I started homeschooling and that was the very first year we homeschooled. It was time to visit another.

This was the 2nd time that the Great Homeschool Convention has come to Fort Worth. It is only about an hour drive for us so it was a perfect day trip.

I have been on the hunt for new Science and new History curriculum for P. This gave me a chance to see hands on what is out there.

When we first got there, we stopped at the CursiveLogic booth. When I had my homeschooling blog I did a review for them. I love how easy their workbooks are to follow along to. P learned very quickly how to write in cursive using their workbook.

My SIL and her daughter K went with us. I am in the process of helping her decide if homeschooling is a fit for them. Since K is a little bit younger ( 6 years old) we were able to visit several booths to help her mom look at curriculum in person to see what would work best for them as well.

We found Owlegories, which is a adorable animated gospel centered series and app for kids. They have 2 DVD’s out in the series with a 3rd on the way. They also had a special edition DVD. Each DVD has 3 episodes on the disk. These look cute and very entertaining for young ones to learn about Christ.

After leaving that booth, we found Doodles Ave. Cute coloring books with different themes. I picked up Birds ( since we are studying birds right now!), The Lone Star State Coloring book and United States Coloring Fun. I like these because it is a fun way to add to the lesson. P even used his Bird coloring book this morning during Science!


Since I was on the hunt for a Science curriculum, I looked for booths that had product I could look at and browse through. One of those being Real Science 4 Kids. I had already checked them out online, but wanted to see their product in person. I was very pleased with their workbooks and how easy it seemed to be to teach. One thing I really liked was you could use the Science curriculum for multiple ages. The Elementary ones are perfect for grades Kinder-4th. Which would be perfect for us. If I get P and my niece K to do Science together, then we will be purchasing this curriculum to use.

One of our FAVORITE booths was The Reading Corner. The lady that we spoke with was amazing! She sat on the floor with the children and did a couple of lessons with my niece. She demonstrated their curriculum and told us which level we should start with based on her interactions with my niece. She sat and talked with us for a good 30 minutes and answered any questions we had for her. Her curriculum was so well laid out, so easy to follow along and very hands on. I really wish she had this curriculum when P was smaller because it would of been perfect for him. She even has a learning center in Florida that she uses her curriculum with.


One of the last booths we checked out was The Homegrown Preschooler. Even though P is far from a preschooler, they were selling water beads and color mixing kits that he just had to have. So, I grabbed him a set of each and he has already played with the water beads several times through out the weekend!


P and K also had a blast collecting free gifts that the booths were handing out. P got quite a collection of wrist bands. 🙂



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