Our Story

March 25th, 2016 is my husband ( Christopher) and I’s 10 year wedding anniversary.

10 years of marriage, 12 years of being a couple and 13 years of knowing one another.

Some Many people did not think we would ever make it this far together. Heck, we did not even know if we would make it this far. But, we have.

March 25th not only marks our 10 year wedding anniversary, but it also mark 12 full years we have been a couple. Christopher asked me to ” go out with him” as they used to say, 12 years ago on that date. Then 2 years later we were married on Saturday, March 25th, 2006.

Our beginnings:

Well, this is a story that my husband truly enjoys telling people. We met at a scrapbooking store in Rockwall, TX. He worked there ( yep, you read that right!). Funny thing is, we really didn’t “meet” that night. He was there, we most likely said hello to one another, but we did not start talking right away. There was another guy in the shop that was his friend (Same first name too) that I ended up talking with and dating for a whole year. My Christopher now even helped the friend I was now dating pick out his tux to wear to my prom.

SO the whole year I dated my husbands friend we hated each other. Like would not be in the same room as one another, would not talk to one another, if the other was at the said friends house the other would not go there.

Well, needless to say, after a year of dating said friend and I broke up.

(My husband has a much better version of this story that he enjoys telling people to this day still. I am giving you the basics.)

For some reason one night I ended up at ex’s sister house and Christopher was there.

Again, still didn’t care for each other. BUT, he invited friends sister to church and when she said no he looked at me and ask, ” You wouldn’t want to go, would you?”

and that my friends, is where it all began.

We started meeting up together on Monday nights for a single group at Prestonwood Church called Metro. We would go every Monday night after I got off work. From there we started hanging out together on other days during the week and pretty soon, everyday.

Our first official date was the Dallas World Aquarium. That is also where we had our first kiss.

Our first official getaway was to San Antonio, TX. We also stopped in Austin, TX on the way down there.

(these are actual pictures of pictures from our scrapbook)

Christopher asked me to marry him that same year ( 2004) in December. We went with a bunch of friends to Southern Junction in Rockwall, TX. He had the DJ play God Bless the Broken Road and pulled me out into the middle of the dance floor. While everyone else cleared the floor, he asked me to marry him.


(scan of a photo from that night)

Then came our wedding on March 25th, 2006

We got married in a hotel atrium. It was just the right size for us and our family and friends. Our colors were sage and lavender. We did not have Pinterest back then, so our wedding decorations and invitations we did mostly ourselves. 😉

3 (1 of 1)Us on our wedding day 10 years ago today! Our photographer gave us all 4×6 prints of our wedding. So this is scanned in. To anyone looking for a wedding photographer and not wanting to spend a whole lot of money… SPEND IT, trust me…

4 (1 of 1)Our wedding party consist of L to R: Steven, My older sister Kari, Me, Christopher, My friend Nikki, and our Brother in Law Brad.

8 (1 of 1)Our wedding cake was amazing. It came from a place called Bakery by George. We even used him for our sons first birthday party cake. The grooms cake was made by my husbands Aunt. It was also very yummy.

2 (1 of 1)One of my favorite photos is this one. All the non married men and not a single one of them moving for the garter. I am even pretty sure the guy in the green got married in 2008. I just can not remember who grabbed the garter. You can even see my younger brother in the back ducking down. He got married last April!

Me, with both of my parents on my wedding day.

It is still hard to believe that we have been married 10 years today. A lot of people said we would never make it this far. Heck, we even had a test done that said we were not compatible together. So far, we have proved them all wrong. Sure we have our many ups and our many downs. But, we work on our stuff together. We make this work because we want it to work.


10 years of marriage, we actually made it. I want to say thank you. Thank you for all that you have given me in the last 10 years. Thank you for always loving me through our highs and our lows. Thank you for showing me that no matter what anyone else says a marriage can last through anything. Thank you for being the person you are. Thank you for working hard to provide for us and for being an awesome dad to our son. Thank you for choosing me to spend your life with. Thank you for being my husband. 

I love you mostest, 




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