A month ago…

That was my last blog post…

I honestly have not had anything to write about really. I also have not felt the need to write.

But, today I thought why not?

So life update first,

P is done with schooling. He finished up 4th grade Math using CTCMath and he finished 3rd grade Language Arts using Learning Language Arts through Literature. History, Science, Citizenship, and extra curricular activities are not done on an actual grade level as we do them by what we want to learn about. P will also start a co-op come September and will take History, Science and Theater. We normally homeschool year round but we have taken a break last week and this week. I plan to start back up soon though because OMG we need it!

Summer plans are already under way as well. In June we have a week long VBS that we do every year. I will have my two niece’s and my nephew as well. So four kids this summer for a week! In the month of July P and Hubby are going to church camp for a week as well! P is very excited about being able to go to “big kid camp!”

Besides homeschooling, house owning has been a fun. We redid our flower beds this past weekend and really want to build a deck/patio that is covered in the backyard. Slowly, but surely it will come together for us.

I have a few blog post I am currently considering and working on. So I promise,  I will be blogging again soon about better things.


Also, don’t forget to get to Walgreens and pick up your red nose!!!


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