Dinner Table?

Does your family sit down to dinner together every evening?

Last night, my husband was working late. My son and I were on dinner duty for ourselves. It is just the two of us. So, I asked him what he wanted for dinner. He told me he wanted chicken nuggets and grapes. Yep, thats about it.

So, after making our dinner, I told him dinner was ready. He came in grabbed his plate and went right back to his room.

He is 9 years old. I did not think that started till their teen years…

I knew what it was. He was in his mindset that since Daddy wasn’t home we did not have to sit at the table together. I wondered though. Does he get bother by not sitting at the table together? Does it bother him that I give him his space?

So, I walked to his door and opened it.

I asked him, ” Is there a reason you are eating in your room?”

He looked at me…

Like “what are you even talking about mom?”

I asked, ” Does it bother you to eat in your room all alone?”

“No”, he tells me.

“Does it bother you that we are not sitting at the table together, eating dinner together as a family?” I ask.

He looks at me again like trying to figure out should he tell me the truth or not.

“I think we should sit at the table together and eat,” he tell me.

Perfect! So, he grabs his food, I grab mine and we sit down. Together. Just the two of us.

We talk, we laugh, he tells me a story. We makes silly faces and we eat.

Giving each other memories…




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