Round Up (April Instagram)

Since I was not around much in April, I thought I would do a round up of life in April through my Instgram post.


i figured a collage would be easier than 20 something different photos! Plus, you can always click the photo to make it bigger.

Starting at the top left corner and going around like a clock:

  1. Winnie Wood ( our cat) now loves to play under the blanket while you try and make the bed.
  2. A colorful plant I saw one day while going to dinner so I took a picture of it.
  3. P enjoying the nice weather and blowing bubbles.
  4. P also enjoying the baskets at Brookshire’s. We used to do that as kids as well when I went to shopping with my grandmother.
  5. Sunset at the lake that is right down the road from us!
  6. Me, cooking dinner one night!
  7. Menus at Arboledos in Royse City. Went to have lunch with my sister in law.
  8. Trees at a beautiful park in Richardson.
  9. Road construction in Royse City. So fun…
  10. Winnie trying to play while I work at the computer,
  11. Got my first order of prints from Artifact Uprising! Will be ordering more soon!!!
  12. P at a birthday party at the park!!! Love birthday parties like that!
  13. P doing the last few pages of his Language Arts.
  14. P Learning all about Thomas Edison.
  15. P done with his Language Arts book for 3rd grade!
  16. Making myself spaghetti squash for lunch! I am the only one in my house that loves it! I add a little bit of Olive Garden dressing and it is amazing!!!
  17. P watching the roofers tear apart the roof across the street.
  18. P at the dentist! This was actually one of his best times! He did so well.
  19. P working on Spelling Words outside. He wrote them with chalk!
  20. P mixing colors. We got a color mixing kit from The Homegrown Preschooler at the homeschool convention.
  21. Me and my wild hair. I woke up like that…
  22. P got his Tinker Crate in the mail. We have only gotten two so far, but he really enjoys them!
  23. P spray painting planters we got to plant some new flowers for the front yard! We needed some color!
  24. Some plants I found at Home Depot.
  25. Myself and P at the movies watching Zootopia! We LOVED the sloth!!!



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