Makeup: Do you wear it?!

I do and I don’t.

I am not a huge fan of wearing makeup. I have always felt like it can be too much and it is not showing who you really are.

I also am not a fan of the way it makes my face feel. Like it is covered in a layer of chemicals. Granted, I know there is makeup out there that is supposed to be the best of the best, no harsh chemicals. Then again, those are the ones that are so expensive I would not even touch the stuff to begin with!

For the most part when I do wear makeup, being most of the time when I go out with my husband or we are going somewhere nice, I have always worn Covergirl brand. I usually do the foundation/base, eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara, blush and lipgloss.

Then times changed and I learned even how to contour. Still didn’t see a need for all those layers, but it was fine to learn a new way and try it out.

Here recently, I had not purchased any restock on makeup. I honestly did not and do not see the point. I like my face without the layers. I like the way my face feels fresh and clean without all of the makeup on there.

I try explaining this to my awesome husband as well, but sometimes he just wants me to wear it, so I do.

Since I had refused to purchase any makeup lately he took me and bought me makeup.

  1. When it comes to spending money on myself, I already have a hard time with that.

I am used to buying my Covergirl makeup. He told me he wanted me to buy decent makeup, so he took me to Sephora. I struggled. I mean come on! Foundation $50????? For real?  Also, names of makeup can be a little weird. Blush called Orgasm….. um, 9 year old son who is standing next to me please cover your ears! Of course Hubs laughs, but me, well I have already been uncomfortable since we walked in, why not make it a little more?!?!?!

I ended up with foundation, blush ( got a free lipgloss with this one! SCORE!) , mascara and lipstick ( which I have never worn before!). I already have eyeliner, but don’t wear it much.

Ok, so this first picture is myself, sans makeup.


Ok, this 2nd one is a little base and some mascara.


This one has base, mascara, blush and lipstick.


This one is the full get up.


You can see the different ones. My favorite is without. Hubs loves the one with makeup but no eyeliner. He thinks it is too much.

Do you wear makeup? What are your favorite brands? Or do you, like me, enjoy being natural-makeup free?!?

Please let me know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Makeup: Do you wear it?!

  1. I’m the one who enjoys doing both. I love going natural on some days with just an eyeliner and a lipstick/lip gloss/ lip balm. And on some days I love wearing makeup if I want to look more presentable. So for me it’s both! Depends on my mood haha 😄💕

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  2. On my part, I love wearing makeup. You can always find makeup brands that have products who feel very skin-like or are light on the skin such as Bare Minerals. I always go for natural looking makeup looks that enhance my features! It always depends on people, some of them really like to go all out with their looks while others go very natural. I love how versatile makeup is! 🙂

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