I survived 4 kids and VBS!!!

When you are used to only having one child day to day, having 4 children can be a huge wake up call.

Every summer we take my niece and nephew (who live in Houston) for a week! We also have my niece ( along with her mom and dad) living with us till their house is built!


1 niece + 1 niece + 1 nephew + 1 son= a very full and loud house!

Don’t forget the four adults here too!!!!!

Add in VBS (vacation bible school!) and we had a super busy, fun and loud week!

Let’d do a recap shall we? (these are all taken with my lovely iphone, so sorry for some crappy photos!)

Upon arrival each child received a bucket filled with fun goodies for the week. Including these lovely balls that you blow up and bounce… what was I thinking?


Another goodie in their buckets were individual puzzles. Each child got a fun puzzle to put together and take apart as many times as they wanted! They each did their puzzles once…


First Saturday Hubby and I took the kids to CiCi’s Pizza and then to Dave and Busters. I will say taking four kids out in public is easier when you have two of each and your husband is with you. Divide and conquer!!!


How in the world do you expect four kids to behave in Target? Get two buggies with attached seats! One parent take one and the other parent take the other! Score!


4 kids + VBS for a week= WORN OUT KIDS BY FRIDAY!!!! You would think…


Miss L and her famous look when you ask for a picture! Ain’t she the cutest?!?!?


Of course you can have ice cream after dinner! I mean who could say no to those faces?!?!?


Summer bike rides are perfect with these kids!


When staying with Lelli ( that is me to them) and Unc ( Hubs) of course you get donuts during VBS week!! Two of them rarely get them ever!!!!! Shhh, don’t tell their mom!


On days we did not feel like dragging four kids, four towels and a bag of toys to the pool, we played on the slip and slide! Old school fav!


Another treat they had in their buckets were these popsicle holders I got from Adabelle’s boutique . The kids loved that their hands did not freeze!!! Plus, they loved their names on them!


When staying the week, they are allowed to crash whenever and wherever they want…


Firehouse subs for lunch one day! I had several people staring at me like, ” WOW, she has four kids all by herself!” Thankfully, every single one of them behaves for us and stayed in their chair until it was time to go. They all talked together and were very friendly.


Time for more arts and crafts! Yep, I plan crafts for the kids to do each time they are here. This year they did sun catchers and a Fathers Day craft!


The night before we had to take two home, we finally went swimming!


Last day of VBS included bounce houses for two of them and big huge blow up slides for the other two! Then eating lunch and hitting the road to travel to Houston with 4 kids by myself! Thankfully they all ended up passing out for almost 2 hours! Then we spend two days at my moms and then two of the kids and I headed back to Dallas!


Every year at VBS I take a photo that is similar to this. Just to show how many children are impacted each year! This year, we had over 1,800 K-4th graders in this room! These kids also raised over $37,000 for new wells to be built in Ghana, Africa!


Time to start planning next years activities and bucket ideas for each kid!


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