Do you vote?




Ever since I was old enough to vote ( which has been awhile ago), I have never voted.

For anything or anyone.

When I was in college and we had election time, one of my teachers told everyone that if they went to the polls and voted they would get extra credit. I think I may of been the only one who did not get that extra credit. And, I was ok with that.

I don’t go to the polls early. I don’t watch any of the debates. I stay out of any political conversations if I can.

I am not one to argue if I can help it. You have your opinion and I have mine. That is how I see it. I don’t want to prove how one person ( or thing) is better than the other and I don’t want to listen to anyone try and push their beliefs for that person ( or thing) on me.

When I turn on the news ( which is hardly ever), it makes me disgusted to see these people fighting and arguing to prove their person is better than the other. Every person out there has made mistakes. YES, some BIGGER than others, but you fighting about it does nothing to help your candidate look better to me.

People tell me ALL…THE… TIME… I should be more aware and pay attention and go vote.


Even if I do “pay attention,” I do not always understand what they are talking about. Then, you try and ask someone what this person means or is talking about and somehow or another it turns into them trying to prove to you one of them is better than the other. NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR!!!!!

My son is 9 and has started asking questions about the race for president. He asked me who I was voting for and I straight up told him I wasn’t. I told him I did not know enough about either person to vote for either. He then asked me who I liked more. Again, YOU CAN NOT JUST VOTE FOR SOMEONE YOU LIKE. You have to know what they stand for.

He wanted to know how could we find out what each person stands for, so that then we could sit down and make a list and see which ones we agreed on with that person and which ones we did not agree on.

Great project idea!!!!!! Score one for the kid!

If you think about it, it would be very hard to post a question like this and get answers from both sides without someone getting upset and starting something…


Now, how in the world do I go about finding out which person stands for what without causing a riot?




Am I being a bad parent for not forcing my child to know every detail about the election? Maybe…

Am I being a bad parent for not making him aware of all the situations these candidate have been involved in? Maybe…

Am I being a bad US citizen for not voting since we have had people die for our right to vote? Maybe… but isn’t it my right as a FREE US citizen not to vote if I don’t want to vote?



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