Dallas Strong


Last night around 9pm my social media accounts started blasting about the shooting that occurred in Dallas, Texas.

I did something I try not to do. I turned on the news. We watched live as reporters reported from around Downtown Dallas. Held our breath when police would run toward gun fire. Held our breath as the reporters and street goers ran for cover.

It was heartbreaking to watch. Our city under attack.

Our police force under attack.

And why?

I get it. #blacklivesmatter but you know what, #ALLLIVESMATTER!

The protest was peaceful. They came, they spoke, they were leaving and a few assholes decided to harm our police force. The same police force that was just out there protecting the people in the protest! Because they were mad at white cops.

Now, because these snipers decided to retaliate against our police force for actions of officers in A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STATE, 5 officers have now lost their life.

When does it stop?

When does all the hate go away?

When will people stop using the race card?

When will we work together instead of against each other?

When will we learn that some people do horrible things, but that does not mean you take it out on others.

Guess what…

YOU get to make your choices daily.

YOU get to decide what your actions are going to be.

YOU get to decide if YOU are going to help make this world a better place!

Tonight we pray for the lives that were lost.

Tonight we pray for their families.

Tonight we pray for this country and for people to stop acting like crazy fools and come together to make this world better for the next generation!



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