Summer Camp

Today, my husband and my son left for camp. For 5 days. This will be the first time that P has gone to camp for 5 days.


The past two years he has gone to camp, but it has been a Friday afternoon- Sunday afternoon.

This time is will be a Friday afternoon-Tuesday afternoon.

5 days.

Without my husband or my son.


This is also the first year that my son has left his lovie G at home. He has had his lovie since he was born and has only slept without it one night. Tonight will begin 4 nights without his G.

P is very worried about this and to calm him down I am taking G on all kinds of adventures and taking photos to show P that G is missing him, but still having fun!


First stop was getting us some cupcakes from Smallcakes. Our favorite cupcake place in town! I got a lemon drop, Pooh got a wedding cake flavor, and G got chocolate with no frosting ( That is P’s favorite kind too!) I will be posting on my Instagram account: (Wood_Home_Adventures) our adventures while the boys are away! Please feel free to follow!



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