It Is a Competitive World Out There!

And, I am not even talking about the sport side of things.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just can’t believe you are seriously going through it?

I have. A few times. But, todays hit me hard. As I stood in the aisle of a store, I just could not believe the situation I was in.

I had sent a friend a message asking for advice. Simple. Advice from a friend who was more aware of the products then I was. Instead of what could of been a friend giving a friend advice and help, it was turned around. I was copying her.

Here is the thing. She has a small business. She has been growing her business for a couple of years  now. She started off small and has grown very well for her small business. I have even bought things from her and sent people her way to buy products from.

I don’t have a business. The things that I am making are for my personal use. Do I hope one day to be able to make things and sell them? Maybe. But, right now my plan is to learn and make things for fun.

That is why I asked a friend for advice. When I asked what I was copying because all of my designs so far I had pulled off a site meant for the machine I was using, she said it was the suppliers. Hobby Lobby and Walmart. Really? I just wonder how many crafters who make and sell things buy theirs at Hobby Lobby and Walmart and say that others are copying them when they buy them there.

It got me thinking as I walked around looking at items with my son. How freaking competitive this world really is.

Everywhere, everyone is competing to be the best of the best. It sucks.

Then, I really thought it. How many of the people out there help others and give advice when someone comes to them and trust them?  Would you help someone or shut them down? Would you lift them up and encourage them or push them aside since they are the competition?

Bloggers: How many of you actually started blogging and had no idea what you were doing? I know I did and still feel like this sometimes. I started a blog, had it a few years, deleted it and started a new one. Got bored with that one and deleted it. 3rd times a charm right? What do I and many others do when we need help with blogging? We turn to other bloggers,  who make a living even off blogging to help and give great advice. There are groups you can join that will tell you what blogging platforms to use, how many times a week you should be blogging, topics that are popular and topics to stay away from. There are even conferences you can attend as well. There are even bloggers who get paid sponsored post who will gladly pass them to newer bloggers to help them grow and learn the field! Blogging is such a great community of people.

Photographers: Anyone and Everyone who has wanted to become a photographer has started somewhere. If they really want to make it they even ask photographers in the field longer than them for help and advice.  You might even take a class from another photographer who teaches you how to use your camera and a few skills to use! I love photography. I have joined several groups on Facebook and you know what? Every member on there gives amazing advice on shooting tips, places to buy props, places to buy backdrops, places to buy lens and they even tell you which lens they recommend! Because they are a great community of people who want others to succeed as well.

I recently bought a Cricut Explore. It has been awhile and things have changed since the last time I owned one of these cutting machines. Of course, my natural instinct is to ask someone who is familiar with products to use with this machine. Wether it be vinyl, bags, shirts, glasses, pillow covers, I want someone I know that I can trust and talk with about the products I know will last. I joined two groups on Facebook. Strangers, people I have never met in my life have helped me, given me advice and even shared their designs (free most of the time) and where they get their products with no problem whatsoever. These groups have over 30,000 members each and not a single one of them have said that others are copying them when other members ask for advice on where to get products to use for their projects.

Do we really live in such a place where we have to go to strangers and ask for advice and they are more willing than even our own friends are?

I am competition with no one and if someone needed advice or help from me I would be honored they trusted my opinion and came to me.

How do you feel about this competitive world we are living in and what are you doing to make it better?


I found this quote today and felt like it really went with how I felt after this morning.


July Instagram Wrap Up

So, I have been kind of sucking at the whole writing a blog post and keeping up with this blog over the Summer.

I am hoping now that school is starting back up next week and we are about to get ready for our own school year to begin, things will calm down and I can blog more!

I have a ton I want to blog about, it has just been finding the time.

This July has kept us super busy!

Here is my July Instagram Wrap Up!

PicMonkey Collage

A few notes about the above photos ( not all of them)

  • On July 1st, my friends from high school got together to visit. My best friend Stephanie came in town and we have not seen her in person in years! So we all had dinner and got to hang out for awhile. That is the group photo of all of us at the top!
  • We also made lots of cookies this month!
  • We spent Fourth of July with great friends!!

PicMonkey Collage1

While P was away at camp, I was in charge of keeping his lovie (G) and my husbands lovie ( yep, that pooh is his from the day he was born!) entertained! We went on some fun adventures while the boys were at camp! I took pictures to share with P when he got back from camp so that he knew they were ok!

PicMonkey Collage2PicMonkey Collage3

The others are just us having fun this summer! We have kept ourselves very busy this summer! We have family living with us at the moment ( they have been with us since the middle of May!).

I promise ( to my few followers) I will come back to blogging full time very soon! I have tons of post I need to sit down and write out! We also have several home projects we are about to begin work on and I can not wait to share them! Also, I got my very own Cricut Explorer and can’t wait to share the things I have already made and plan on making!

Love from Texas!