Life is beginning to be normal again.

I haven’t written in awhile. Life has been crazy hectic.

I feel like Summer flew by and now we are in October? I mean where did August and September go?

We have had family living with us since May and they just recently moved into their new home. We are very happy for them!

For most of September, I had some medical issues and have seen the doctor more than I would of liked to. I have also had too many vials of blood taken. That is sorting itself out, so hopefully not many more trips for blood to be taken! ( I kind of feel like this whole topic should be its on blog post)

We have started homeschooling back up and joined a new co-op this year. It has been going well so far and P is moving along great in all subjects! He is doing History/Geography, Theater and Hands on Science at his co-op once a week. Also, part of P’s homeschooling this year is including Home Ec. He has to put together a dinner once a month. This includes picking out the meal, figuring out what he needs for each meal and then going to the store and buying the items. He is given a set amount of money and can not spend over that amount. So far he has done great! Tomorrow night he is cooking us Rootbeer Barbecue Chicken for dinner!


This was one of the first meals he made. Lasagna rollups! He did a fantastic job and even ate this with us! That was one of his rules: He has to eat whatever he makes!


Working on Diagramming sentences. This year for Grammar we are using Growing with Grammar. So far he has loved it.


The Perot Museum in Dallas did their annual Homeschool Day. We joined in. They give you a little challenge to complete, but he got bored of waiting in line at each station so we ended up just walking around the museum instead of doing the challenge.

Another big change this month is I (along with my husband) started a new side business. It is called StyleDots. It is a jewelry line mostly. There are main pieces that you can purchase and then you can order dots in either 12mm or 30mm to go on each main piece. Best thing is each dot comes off with a little tool and you can change out your dots! I instantly fell in love with this line and decided to start selling it.

While life is finally beginning to feel normal again, the holidays are coming up and things may be changing. We have some home projects that we want to work on and have some family coming into town at the end of the month!