Hospital Trip

Here is hoping everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Ours was going pretty well until Sunday afternoon. That would be when I decided to go lay in my bed and just chill out. Soon hubby came after. Well then moments later, P came running in and jumped on the bed, on top of me. Then crying and saying, ” It hurts!” Turns out, he had his Harry Potter wand in his hand when he jumped in the bed and stabbed himself in the eye. Which was now bleeding. Hubby and I both got up and we were out the front door in a matter of minutes on the way to the Emergency Room.

Lucky for P there was no one in the waiting room. We got seen pretty quickly. Our main concern was we could not tell where the blood was coming from and being on the eye, that is never good.


We waited for moments before a Doctor came in to check him out. The only thing P kept saying was he did not want anything (drops) to go in his eyes. He had a traumatic experience at his eye doctor and that is all he remembers. Well, unfortunately, they had to put a special kind of drop into his eye to see where the blood was coming from. This took 3 doctors to hold him down because he was not about to allow them to put any drops in his eyes.

After the drops were finally put in, they used a really cool black light and his eye lit up all green. I guess it helps see where the blood is actually coming from. It was pretty cool to see.


Turns out he does have a small abrasion on the inside of his eyelid. He will have to go see a specialist this week to make sure he does not have any other damage. Plus, we have some ointment we are required to put on the inside of his eyelid to prevent any infection. Yeah, thats been fun to put INSIDE his eye!

His eye on the outside doesn’t look too bad. You can see where he actually hit it. I guess he did it with enough force and just right that it cause an abrasion on the inside as well.


Also, P is a little upset he can’t go swimming until we see the specialist and get the ok.




Summers Coming… Are you Ready?

Our Summer is already booked and it has not even begun yet! Well, it kind of has. I mean, we are done with school work. So, for the month of May we have been taking it easy, because… the month of June and July is going to be PACKED!!!! Also, there has been fort building and video gaming going on over here. FORT

June- We have my sisters twins coming to stay with us for two weeks! Then one of those weeks my other nephew is coming to stay with all of us for a week. We are taking them all to VBS with us! Wahoo! So exciting because this year they will all get to do VBS together!

I will be taking them all home at the end of the week. Then staying in Houston to visit family. Coming home that Sunday to take the week to prepare, because that next Saturday, my little sister is getting married in Bryan, TX. Back and forth driving should be tons of fun!

July- My boys ( hubs and son) both leave for camp for 5 days! Then they come home and the next day I will leave for conference for my small business for 4 days! Fun times!

Now it may not seem like a ton laid out like that, but throw in all the activities we will be doing, plus swimming, crafting and visiting friends. We are pretty booked.

Now. The kids coming to stay with us got us thinking. They need a cool place to hang out instead of being inside ALL DAY LONG!

So, We started cleaning out our garage. It is not done yet, but our idea is coming together. I still need a few things to finish it off!

-Flooring: this one is not a HUGE rush to get only because I mean if they spill on the garage floor now it will be ok and easy to clean. We may skip the flooring all together and see if I can convince hubs to just paint it.

-Lounge pillows: I would love for them all to have some comfy seating outside.

-Table and chairs: this is for us to be able to sit outside and eat! I am also considering a large picnic table instead of table and chairs.

-ACTIVITIES: Everyone needs something to do right. I mean what if it rains? I could leave the garage open and they could still be outside playing. So, I have been researching things I can buy for them to use that will wear them out. Plus, fun crafts to do. But, for activities, I came across this thing called the Jungle Jumparoo.

Y’all! It will fit in the garage! Or it can be taken outside on the grass! You can also add attachments to it to spin in the middle or a sprinkler for the top! Hello fun water play for Texas summer!

I was a little iffy on the price. I will be honest. It is more than a trampoline. BUT, it is safer than a trampoline. Plus, I can not bring a large trampoline indoors. I mean I could, but the kids would most likely smack their heads on the ceiling. I don’t need any of that!

Plus, right now they are GIVING you $50 off your purchase of the Jungle Jumparoo! PERFECT! That at least knocks the price down some and I mean the kids will LOVE it!

If you have little ones… guess what! They have two sizes! One for tots and one for older kids. If your tots are stable though and good jumpers, I would go with the larger one so they could grow into it!

If you want to check out this awesome product I am going on and on about, click the link below! If you order one, I would love to see how y’all are using it! Indoors, outdoors, in the garage? Let me know!!!