Homeschool Curriculum and Tools for 5th/6th grade


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I can not believe that it is time to purchase curriculum and start planning! I have been researching curriculum since about January trying to decide on what we will use for this year.

This year I plan to have Preston do 5th and 6th grade together. That does not mean we are skipping ahead. It just means that on some subjects he will be 5th grade, while some others he will be working on a 6th grade level. If you ask him what grade he is in he will say 5th grade. That is the grade he will be in at church as well. I do not plan to skip him ahead as I want him to be able to stay with his friends.

So, after many months of researching, I have figured out what we will be using. Here is a list of what his 5th/6th grade curriculum will be.

  1. Math- Teaching Textbooks level 6. We are sticking with TTB because we have used it and fell in love with it. The only thing different this year is we will also be using the workbook instead of him doing his work on paper in a spiral notebook.  ( $149.90 per level)
  2. Spelling- Spelling Workout E. This will be our first year to use this and I am hoping since he is such a great speller we can do all of this workbook in one semester. Then we will move onto Spelling Workout F next semester. ($18.50 per workbook set)
  3. Science- Focus on Chemistry Middle School. This is a one semester book, after our first semester we will then use Focus on Biology Middle School. They also have Physic, Geology, and Astronomy that we will use through out middle school. ($52.95 per workbook set)
  4. Geography- Road Trip: A Journey Across America. We have not done much Geography and this looks fantastic. I am very excited to use this with him. There are several books you can buy to go along with the lessons or not, but we are already buying them as well. You can find a list of books needed once you buy the curriculum. This is a download and print curriculum that we will be using. ( $24.95)
  5. Writing/Grammar- Essentials in Writing Level 6. This is a DVD based curriculum along with a workbook. This will be our first year to use this and I am very excited for it. ( $87.00)
  6. Handwriting- Cursive Logic. We have used them in the past and continue to use them now. They have a revised edition that we will be using this year. ($34.95)
  7. Typing- We will be using this online FREE typing program.
  8. Reading- We will be using a reading list that we create together for his reading. He will be required to read daily and at the end of each book, he will be required to do a book report of his choosing.
  9. Bible- This will be his Awana book that he does starting in September when our local Awana club starts back up. ($42.00)
  10. Art- He will be taking a class weekly from a local homeschool mom who is now doing classes out of her home. We are both very excited about this as he loves Art. ($40.00 per month)

This semester, I will be spending nearly $450 on just curriculum for my son. I say semester because I know that next semester I will be buying Science and Spelling again. I will also be purchasing any items needed for projects for any subject, as well as any items needed for Science projects as we go through the year.

In order to keep all these workbooks and  textbooks together and organized, I also plan to order this to keep all his items in: Red Meori Large Box. Much better than all over his desk area!

Other tools that we will be using that are also VERY IMPORTANT in our homeschooling besides just workbooks, will be: Netflix, YouTube, Google, Amazon Prime, Library, Field Trips, and of course, the WORLD!

Some people don’t understand that yes you can homeschool and use these tools in your homeschooling. These tools are very beneficial to anyone in any type of schooling, but just because I homeschool does not mean that these are the only tools we will use.

I would love to see what others are using this year for curriculum. If you feel like sharing, please leave in the comments!



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