Joys of being a Homeowner

When you buy your first home you pray that nothing goes wrong in the first year of home owning.

You buy insurance thinking you won’t need it hopefully till farther down the line.

Then a huge hail storm comes through your area.

We had a massive hail storm come through our town a few weeks ago in March.

I was still awake when it started. I woke my husband up, who flew out of bed and out the door to get my car in the garage. We couldn’t get his truck in the garage though. I have never in my life seen the amount of hail come down like we got. I was going around to every window in the house praying none of them were cracked or busted. I was also very thankful my son was in our bed. His bedroom window was getting the worst of it. I know that if he had been in his bed, it would of scared him even more than it already was.

It lasted about 10 minutes. Of course, being at night, we could not see any damage to anything right away. However, I got on our community website and people were already posting busted out windows on their houses and cars. It made me really nervous for morning.

Before we went to bed, I grabbed a few pieces of the hail to show P.


I also took a picture of our backyard, but it is blurry ( cell phone picture). You can see though the hail and how much covered our backyard.


Crazy that that is hail! That red chair got all busted up and the arm to it broke. Only a couple months old too šŸ˜¦

Now, the fun part came in the next few days. Everyone on our community page was posting all their roof damage, window damage and car damage. It was crazy.

I honestly thought that because the house was brand new, we would not need any repairs.


A guy showed up asking if we had had our roof inspected. We told him no not yet and he asked if he could go up and look. Sure…

I was surprised to learn our vents had holes in them and our roof needed to be replaced.

3 months in our home and we are already filling our first claim.

*The above post was written and stored in my draft box. I wanted to add more photos to it, but have been super busy lately with life. Since this storm, we have had another hail storm come through.Ā 

Monday, April 11th, 2016. A 2nd hail storm has come through our town and surrounding towns. I am so thankful our roof has not been replaced yet. It is supposed to be started tomorrow ( Thursday ). This Spring season has been crazy.

I knew the hail was coming this time. I was watching the weather and staring out the windows at the dark clouds headed our way.

The first hail came down, then about four pieces, then the sky opened up. Reports said hail was falling at 100mph in some areas.

I got P in the hallway and shut all doors to any rooms with windows just in case. Our kitchen-living room has windows all along one side. The hail was rolling off our neighbors roof and hitting our windows. I was sure it was going to break a window. Thankfully that did not occur!


This was the storm rolling in.


That’s not snow… Hail is not fun!


Our hail was about golf ball size. The town over from us had softball size hail and severe damage. Their schools were closed Tuesday for repairs. Several homes were completely damaged. Windows busted, cars ruined and roofs with major holes in them!


The hail storm lasted a little over ten minutes. Afterwards, the sky cleared back up like nothing had happened.

I think I am ready for hail Spring season to be over!

Thankfully, our roof did not get any holes and our roofers should be here to fix it soon.