1 kid vs 4 kids (what I learned!)

From the first week of June until June 16th, I had anywhere between 3 and 4 kids. The first week was 3 and the 2nd week was 4.

Normally, I have one!

Every Summer, we invite my niece and nephew to come stay with us to help their mom out. This year, because all the kids were finally old enough, we invited my other nephew to come along for the week of VBS. Our church will only allow them to attend if they have finished Kinder-5th. So this was the year they all got to come to VBS!

I learned some very interesting things while having 4 kids instead of just the one. I felt like I should share them with those who may be interested.

Eating out can be expensive!!- When you are used to one kid and eating out, it is no big deal  normally. But, add in three other kids and it will start to add up. So, what we did was look for places that had deals. Like Wendy’s has their 4 for $4 meals. That worked perfect one of the days. We also did the kids eat free from Ihop a couple of times. We would get an adult meal along with P. Then the 3 younger kids would all get their meals free. We also did this at Applebee’s. They are doing Kids eat Free with an adult meal purchase for the month of June. So it was great for us. Most days for lunch we stuck to eating at home. We would do sandwiches, chips and drinks. We also had fruit on some of the days to throw in there.


While in Wendy’s one of the days, a sweet older lady came over and handed all the kids Frosty’s. She said she wanted to do something sweet for them because they were so well behaved!


Along with saving money on food, we also saved on treats. While getting gas, the kids noticed that the gas station had slurpees on sale. No lie, I did not even see the huge poster till they pointed it out. So, we all went inside and I got them each their own! Y’all, $0.99 for these huge ones!

Also, we had a few gift cards that we had been saving. Those came in handy as well. We went to the movies one day, ate ice cream after and they were both paid for with gift cards we had laying around. No lie, one of the gift cards I had been carrying around in my wallet for nearly 9 years. Money still on it and still good!

The house is going to get louder! When it is just P and I he is pretty good about hanging out and not screaming thru the house. I mean why would he? He has his moments where he gets excited and yells, but then he calms down. Now having 3 extra kids in our house, that is completely different. Most of the day you can find them all playing well together, but loudly. I was actually ok with all the extra noise. It was great to hear it in the house for those couple of weeks.

They will fight like brother and sisters. Yes, two of them are actual brother and sister (twins), they are actually cousins, but man can these kids argue! For the past 10 years, P has been an only child. He is not used to the arguing and the younger ones wanting to follow him around. He is very much a “stay out of my personal space, but I can be in yours” kind of kid. Most days it was good. Someone would argue, I would redirect and that would be it. But, days where I heard, ” she is looking at me!” “he is copying me!” “he called me a name!” a million times, I may of thanked God for only giving me one kid.

Find Fun ways to keep them entertained. When they were younger and I would go watch the kids or they would come to our place, I always had fun crafts to keep them busy. That way the preschool teacher in me. Now that they are older, they are not so much into crafts. I had to come up with other ways to keep them busy when we weren’t on the go or at the pool swimming. One neat thing we made was a huge slip and slide in our backyard. They loved it. I got a huge piece of plastic from Walmart. The kind that you would lay down if you were painting, but did not want paint on the floor. So it was pretty big. We ordered a sprinkler off Amazon and then set it all up. They loved it. Plus, it worked better than most slip and slides we have bought over the years. I did throw on some Dawn Dish Soap to help them slide as well.


(please ignore the grass, our lawn guys skipped out on us that week!) As for the bricks around the edges, I did not even think about a way to keep the plastic in place. Thankfully, we had these laying around. Most people would say, ” what if they ran into them?” Well, they didn’t. They had enough room for all 3 of them to be on at the same time and still stay away from the bricks. That is how big the plastic really was!


Water balloon fights kept them entertained for like an hour. We had a friend purchase a HUGE box of those easy to make water balloons. They had so much fun with them! It was great too for playing in the water without having to take all of them to the pool!

The pool. Our community has a community pool the kids love to go swimming at. So, several days they went swimming.

Amazon Pantry is now my favorite thing. Who knew this even existed? I didn’t until my husband got online and shopped it. The first day we took them swimming, they were constantly asking for snacks. Um, we literally just ate kids. So, Hubs got online and ordered snacks for us to take to the pool. Sure, we could of driven to the store, but we already had a gift card in the amazon cart and we could order larger sizes than our store was carrying! Just a plus for me. The fact that they also shipped it to my door in under two days was the cherry on top!


Getting kids ready is so much easier when clothes are already picked out and laying out ready for them! I learned this fast. Instead of asking them to go find something to wear, pick it out the night before and have it laid out and ready to go. This was only a big one because the last week we had them we were doing VBS every day. We also had to be there earlier than everyone else due to the fact that we were working at VBS. So, every day after VBS I would wash their VBS shirts, grab them shorts, undies, socks and shoes and lay them out. Once their shirts were dry those went on each of their stacks. Still, had we not had VBS, I still feel like this method would of been the best one to have. That way there was no fighting over not being able to find socks, or not knowing where their shoes were! Made mornings much nicer!

They will put themselves to bed if tired enough! I have to laugh at this one. These kids would go and go and go if we let them. Most nights we had to calm them down after dinner so they knew it was nearing bed time. A child friendly movie, their warm blankets and pillows, our cool house and they were usually out very quickly. However, one night Hubs and I were sitting on the couch before we were going to have them all come in to watch a movie and chill out, and noticed that it was really quiet. I went looking for the kids. P was on the computer in the office, and the twins had literally put themselves to bed. I laughed. I mean they had to have been so tired to go put themselves to bed. It was only 9pm. Those two are not used to being on the go all day long like we are. It was greatness. Wear them out and they will put themselves to bed! Lesson learned!


Car rides are completely different with 4 kids. Our two weeks flew by so fast. It was great having all the kids here. But, that last day, I was tired. I still had to take them back to Houston by myself. Hubs left for a work conference the same day to Louisiana. So I figured the best thing to do was drive thru a drive thru, grab them each lunch, let them eat on the way and then crash in the car. That is just what they did! They mostly all slept for a good two hours. Right until we hit our mid point in the trip. It was perfect timing too. Stop for potty breaks, get back in the car and no more stopping till we get to their houses. This was the agreement. I told them beforehand, don’t drink all your drink because we are not going to stop again till we get home. Having one older kid, he gets it. This is normally for him. Having 3 kids all aged 6 with us, what was I even saying?! For the next 2 hours they played great together. Two in the very back kept each other entertained, 2 in the middle kept each other entertained, the extra balls we got from VBS kept them all entertained. Then, one needed to potty. Literally, 30 minutes from her house. I am like ok, let me find a place because if you had said that 5 minutes ago we could of stopped, but now there is nothing out here. Then another one has to pee too. Then the first one is crying because she has to pee so bad. I finally pull off the highway and come to a stoplight which of course is red. Then I hear her say, ” Why do they have to have stoplights?” I am trying hard not to laugh at her, but I mean come on kid! Tell me earlier! So, now I have to rush to find a place before any accidents happen! Thankfully, we make it. Unload all the kids, everyone goes potty, everyone loads back up. That took the time it would of taken me to get to the house… That wore me out.

As crazy as those two weeks were, we would do it again in a heartbeat. So, stayed tuned. We will be getting two of the cousins back again tomorrow night for another week!


Also, I am pretty sure he enjoyed having the whole back of the car back to himself.





Parenting: Am I doing it Wrong?

A long time ago before I started this blog, like years ago, I followed a blogger named Life with Levi.

I remember one of her post being about being a Crappy Parent. Several of us then wrote our own blog post about being a Crappy Parent and shared them. Here lately, I can’t seem to get those post off my mind.

This world is full of judge mental people. And I am so over it.

I always grew up thinking how when I had kids I want to have a very open relationship with them. I want them to feel like they can come to us as parents and talk to us about anything they need to. I also feel like as a parent it is MY job to determine what I allow my child to do, play, watch and participate in.

For the most part we allow our son to watch things most 9 years olds aren’t allowed to watch.

For example:

  • Glee- He has been watching this with us since it first aired on TV. May 19, 2009. Do you know how old he was? 2 years old! Do you think he knew what the heck was actually going on on that show? No! Did he understand the topics that were being played out in front of him? NO! Did he enjoy the music being played and sung? HECK YES! That was what mattered to him. The music. He enjoyed it. So we let him watch it. As he got older, he became more aware. You know what he did? He asked questions and as his parents WE ANSWERED THEM TRUTHFULLY and DISCUSSED the situations with our child.
  • Rent- Yep, My son has seen Rent the Movie version of the Broadway show. And you know what? HE FREAKING LOVES IT!  Again, the music pulls him in. This movie hasn’t brought up the questions yet that I am waiting for. Since AIDS is a big part of the movie I have expected questions on that topic. But, they haven’t come. Yet. I am sure one day he will ask what it is and how it effects them. But for today, he loves the music.
  • Almost all Super Hero movies. I am not talking cartoons. Although, yeah he will watch those some. I am talking Avengers, All the Thor movies, IronMan movies, SpiderMan, Captain America. I have had people ask me, Why? There is language in those movies. Why let him hear that? You know what? My kid hears bad language more from other adults in food places or the store than he does those movies. Just the other night we were sitting in Canes eating dinner and a group of adult males were sitting behind him. The “F” word was dropped more times than we would of liked. Do you think it is better for your child to hear those words elsewhere and use them? Or to hear them with you, talk about how they are being used, and explain and discuss why we should not use those words. My son knows the words are “bad” and knows as a child he isn’t supposed to use them and that is enough for me.

Y’all this is just an example of the TV/Movies he watches or has watched.

I get questioned anytime someone finds out something he is allowed to watch that their kids are not allowed to watch.

A lot of it goes to “Are you a Christian?”

Yes we are. My son is getting baptized October 29th, 2016. A little over a week away. We are VERY active in our church, and church events. My son goes to church and class every weekend and we take him to Awanas on Sunday evenings. During the Summer he participates in VBS and Church Camp. We pray with every meal at home or in public. We talk to our son about the importance of trusting Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

“How can you allow him to watch such shows?”

Because what else is there to watch? TV is crap these days with a few somewhat decent shows here and there. Big Bang Theory is one of our favorites… say what? YES MY SON KNOWS THE BIG BANG THEORY IS FALSE AND ISN”T OUR BELIEF. Doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a good laugh on TV.

Percy Jackson. How many know who and what I am talking about? Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief. Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters. Percy Jackson and The Olympians. There are a ton more. I have gotten crap for letting my son watch these movies. Why? Because they have other Gods in them. Yes, some people believe that the Ancient Greek Gods existed. We don’t. So we use this movie to explain to our son that while some people may believe it, it is not our belief and therefor just another made up movie that some big director and actors got a whole lot of money to make!

It is not just those.

  • Harry Potter- all of them.
  • Wicked
  • Twilight-again, all of them
  • Disney Channel-Because yes even it can have issues.

As a Christian, if we took away all the shows that were against what we believe in and threw them out, what would we be left with? Hardly anything.

As a Christian though, I am really sick and tired of OTHER CHRISTIANS being the most judge mental people I have ever met.

I am also the parent who lets her son play video games, computer games and card games. Including:

  • Minecraft- on all devices.
  • Disney Infinity
  • Pokemon

Again, those are just a few.

I was just recently informed that Pokemon was a huge NO for Christians because it is demonic. What? Yes, that is what I was told. Pokemon has been out since I was a kid, if not longer. I remember when kids would bring their cards to school and trade them during recess. I know there is also some kind of actual game involved, but really and truthfully I have no clue and wasn’t even into it until Pokemon Go and I even had to recently delete that app because it kept messing up.

BUT, back to being demonic…

I learned a word today I have never heard: occultic ( What is funny is my auto correction is telling me that is not a word that is spelt correctly… )

So we have this made up word that basically means: Knowledge of the Hidden. Sounds spooky right? ( you have to know I have rolled my eyes several times.)

So according to an article I read online, Pokemon falls under the category of Occultic. Pokemon also teaches Evolution, Spells (Magic! The Horror!), and Pokemon characters are basically monsters…

Minecraft is demonic because you know it has Zombies and time stops and waits for you to return, or some crap like that.

You know what I see when my kid plays either of those games.

  • He is learning skills. In Pokemon it could be a trade. Negotiation skills. Socialization skills. How to handle himself in a situation where if he needs to disagree or agree with someone he will know how to handle himself.
  • In Minecraft he is learning to build things and use his imagination. He is learning to code and work with others.

I am not going to take those things away from my child because someone else does not approve.

What I am going to do, is teach my child culture. What is wrong and right. I am also going to teach him to be kind to others and to treat others the way that he would want to be treated. I am going to teach hm to love everyone and to help out in the world.

Because those are important to me and our family.


edit: I started this two weeks ago. I had to stop because it was upsetting me so much to even write this. Tonight I was able to calmly sit down and finish it.